Hospitality Marketing Trends To Look Out For

In the hospitality industry, it’s crucial to be aware of the latest in hospitality marketing trends to keep yourself up-to-date and ahead of your competition.
We’ve put together a guide of things to keep an eye out for to help you prepare for what’s currently happening – and what’s to come!


6 Hospitality Marketing Trends To Look Out For


What Is Hospitality Marketing?

In a previous blog about hotel digital marketing best practices, we took a look at what hospitality marketing is.
But here’s a brief rundown for you:
Hospitality marketing is the process of building and maintaining an online presence for your hotel, lodge, or guest house.
Much like other industries, it’s a vital thing to be aware of in order to build and maintain strong relationships with new and existing customers.


Hospitality Marketing Trends


  • Focusing On Videos In Social Media Hospitality

While we’re all tired of hearing about it, COVID-19 definitely changed a lot, especially in the hospitality industry.
The biggest platforms for those in the hospitality industry to focus on are Instagram and Tik Tok.
The reason?
Video marketing is the most effective way to get ahead when it comes to showcasing the rooms, lobbies and other aesthetics which an image simply can’t.
Instagram’s reels and Tik Tok’s videos allow you to do that quickly and easily while also ensuring you can climb the ranks of popularity if you’re wary of trending audio clips.


  • Shortening Booking Lead Times

Since 2021, many hotels have noticed the upcoming (and continuing) trend of shorter booking lead times – that means people are more likely to book on short notice.
This is one of the biggest hospitality marketing trends because it means a few things:

  • Focusing on optimising direct bookings
  • Making sure your website is optimised
  • Focusing on SEO marketing
  • Making sure the booking experience on the website is as simple and straight-forward as possible.


  • Less Third-Party Data Collection

One of the things the hospitality industry focuses on is making use of as much data as possible.
With people having more control over what information they’ll let you access, it becomes more difficult to get a comprehensive picture when sending out mailers.
That means focusing more on optimising first-party information – like the kind people give when they’re on your site.
Spend some time learning how to use software like
HotJar to analyse user behaviour and use that to build a complete picture of your user’s journey.


  • Hyper-Focus Remarketing Campaigns

Studies show that engagement remarketing increases the chances of conversions by as much as 70%.
That means making use of first-party information (which you get from your site) to retarget to previous users.


  • VR Is Growing

Virtual tours are one of the booming hospitality marketing trends as of 2022.
If your videos aren’t successful enough (or spark enough curiosity for somebody to want to learn more), a virtual tour can be the determining factor in whether or not you’ll get a booking.


  • Focusing On Your Digital Brand

More people are spending time online.
Simple as that.
That means making sure that your website it optimised, up-to-scratch, and putting out new content regularly.
This is the best way to build a relationship with potential visitors as time goes on, as well as to build your reputation and online ranking.


Bonus Tip From Our Founder – What’s The Next Thing In Hospitality Marketing Trends?

While it’s been a big thing for many other industries, there are still a large number of hotels that aren’t focused on mobile optimisation for their sites.
Overall, the big thing to realise is that people want to spend less time online, and giving them the most seamless experience is the biggest focus, and achieving that is the best way to ensure you get more people coming to your venue over and over again.

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