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If You’re Like Me,

You enjoy getting things done faster.

If You’re Like Me

You like to simplify processes without compromising on the result.

And, If You’re Like Me, 

You like to work smarter, not harder!

Speaking Of, “Smarter, Not Harder”,

One of the best ways to do that is streamlining things with social media tools. This is what today’s marketing advice from a grad that is about to enter his career is about. Streamlining that’s created by taking advantage of a few of my favourite tools for social media marketing.

Tools that spur your creativity, that turn complicated schedules into an easy workflow and that help you understand your audience better than they understand themselves. 

Here are my top 4 social media tools to up your social media marketing game!



  1. Graphic Design Made Simple.

If you’re a regular content creator, you’ve probably heard of the graphic design platform Canva

If Not, Then Listen Up.

Canva is like the kid who dropped out of high school and made it big afterwards. It’s great because of its simple layout which solves a lot of design-related issues. 

Why Is it So Powerful, Though?

Mainly because you don’t need a degree in graphic design to come up with some great designs. If you’re a small business owner, an aspiring marketer or a future influencer (Writer Man linked here), you’ll need to come up with some good visual content regularly.

You can easily come up with beautiful images, infographics or icons by using a simple drag and drop system which leaves you in control throughout the process. 

In Fact, It’s So Simple

That even a marketing grad like myself, doesn’t struggle when it comes to designing great visuals.




  1. Dive Into The World Of Stock Images.

Have You Ever

Needed the perfect picture, but just… couldn’t find it? 

Say No More!

Unsplash is the perfect solution for all your picture-related problems, which is why it’s on the list. Unsplash is a library of stock images that don’t look like stock images. 

A social media tool like Unsplash provides a range of high-quality images that make the whole process of finding great images for your online store or marketing campaign a lot simpler and easier. 

Just Be Sure

To stay within the bounds of the licensing that comes with each image. Usually though, they’re free to use.

This Is Where 

You come to find the images you didn’t know you needed.




  1. Streamlined Workflow Is Just So Suite.

Not to “hoot” my own horn, but here at Vancula we’ve had great success with an amazing little thing called Hootsuite


What this tool does is streamline your process when managing more than 1 profile. 


Organising, curating, scheduling and monitoring all the social media profiles you’re responsible for under one dashboard.

Well, Imagine No More.

Because that’s exactly what Hootsuite does. 

Now, you can cross-post content over various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

All You Have To Do Is

Select which account(s) you want to post from, plan your content from the dashboard and schedule it so you can dedicate more time to other aspects of your social media (like securing that clout).

It also has a great analytics feature so you can determine what works (and what doesn’t). 

And There You Have It, 

A tool that makes social media management less of a struggle.




  1. Do You Know Your Audience?

You know cookies? Not the ones you can eat (unfortunately) but the ones you have to accept when entering websites these days, though not for much longer. From my  point of view (and by the way I’m a consumer too) they’re annoying as _______. On the contrary, they provide quite useful information to us marketers. 

Instagram Analytics Works Similarly 

In the way that it gathers information about your Instagram audience. 

To understand what your audience wants and needs (and sometimes eats), you have to have a good analytics tool to map out the target market for whatever you are trying to market.

As The Saying Goes

Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.” and that’s even more true today. 

That’s Where Instagram Analytics Comes In.

It’s one of the best tools for social media.

It helps you understand your market by gathering information about your audience.

With Instagram Analytics you can track the performance of a post.

You Can 

Segment your audience into age, gender, and location, as well as observing metrics such as reach, saved posts, follower growth, engagement and link clicks (and that’s not even half of it). 


The next time you don’t know what your Instagram audience gets up to, immerse yourself into the metrics of Instagram analytics.




The Main Thing 

To take away from this post is that, just like any system, you’ll do best when you have tools(social media tools) that help you do more, with less. 

To work smarter, not harder, by taking advantage of the right social media marketing tools that are at your disposal. 

Most Of Them Are Even Free, 

Which also is a big perk, because we all love free stuff, especially if it helps you connect to your audience better.

And Helps You 

Work smarter.

Not harder.


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