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There Are a Number of Digital Marketing No-No’s To Avoid.
Things so bad they could be likened in severity to sins.
Lust, gluttony, envy, slothfulness, wrath, and pride can be detrimental to a business.
… Or worse.

However, There Can Be Redemption.
By staying away from these sinful practices such as lusting after quick fixes and weak preparation.
By avoiding some basic sins (and through a few solutions) businesses can easily avoid a fall from grace.

Lust – Expecting The Best With No Preparation
We all crave success and instant gratification.
It’s easy to get lost in the survival bias of successful testimonials.
There also seems to be a misconception that digital marketing strategies are simple and instant. In reality, it takes months of planning, cycles of trial and error, and continuous adaptation to your strategy. Patience is a virtue.

Gluttony – Everything Isn’t Always Edible
In the words of Tim Burton, “Everything in this room is edible. Even I’m edible. But, that would be called cannibalism. It is looked down upon in most societies.”
Now, I’m not saying that getting too excited about spam-posting on all social platforms has any direct ties with illegal activity, but it can still be frowned upon.

Rather than throwing your brand at every social media platform, do the necessary research and narrow it down to 3 or 4 platforms. Ensure your target audience is active on your chosen social media channels and that these channels are properly put to use. LinkedIn, for instance, is not the place to be advertising taxidermy related services

Greed – Not Everyone Will Care As Much As You Think, And That’s Okay.
Creating a marketing strategy (or even just content) while trying to cater to everyone will lead to generic stock photos and a strategy that goes nowhere.

Be selective when it comes to selecting your target audience so that you can target these segments efficiently.
Focus on making actual impactful connections with your audience; share user-generated content, ask for opinions and feedback, be original and authentic, and don’t shy away from showing some customer appreciation in the form of testimonials or even features.

Sloth – Inspiration Does Not Visit The Lazy Willingly.
Sloths might be able to fall 30 meters and survive, but they don’t make good content strategists. It is a big digital marketing no-no to post lazy, over-shared content.

Nobody Responds Well To Lazy Content, If At All.
As a business, you must tell a story and deliver it to your audience whatever your method may be –  on social media, PPC, or through email campaigns – make it worth that click or like that you want.

Wrath – Premature Frustration Is Just Slow Self-Sabotage.
Different digital marketing strategies are designed for different businesses, meaning they require experimentation to find the right fit.

Not all strategies will work effectively. 

Look at producing valuable insights and help build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Failure Is Inevitable.
But, we shouldn’t fear as much as we do; revisit your strategy, have a look at your results and simply try again.

Envy – Green-Eyes Will Blind Your Judgement.
Envy leads to mimicking, and mimicking is just a downward spiral to getting lost in an already saturated online world. Brands must remain original and relevant in order to remain competitive.

It Is Crucial
To observe your competitive landscape by keeping an eye on their digital marketing efforts which can be done through Facebook Insights or SEMrush. 

The Trick is to Not Get Mad,
But to get even (or even better than the rest).
As a business, it helps to create an analysis of the competitor landscape. When a business leverages their strengths, they can create a competitive edge for themselves instead of utilising a purely reactive approach.

This takes planning and effort, but the ROI will be worth it.

Pride – With Pride There Can Be No Pleasure (Or Conversions)
Sometimes the best thing to do is to sit down and be humble; too much pride in your strategy can ruin your conversions.

It’s Kind Of Important
To acknowledge and adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing trends (and that pesky algorithm) businesses must keep adjusting and updating their strategy. Take pride in your work, of course. But don’t be too proud to assume there is no more improvement to be done. Imagine cellular companies were too proud to improve; how are you going to post to Instagram from your Nokia 1011?

There Is A Massive Misconception
That brick-and-mortar businesses don’t require digital marketing. This would be wrong. Just ask Blockbuster. Staying away from these digital marketing sins is essential for a number of seemingly apparent reasons. Digital marketing can help businesses understand their online market better, understand their business direction, to know their customers and their specific needs, stay ahead of competitors, and choose the right platforms to meet their audience.

The Online World Can Be Brutal And Unforgiving,
But it doesn’t have to be.
By keeping these points in mind and ensuring you don’t commit these digital marketing sins – it becomes easier to adapt, overcome and have fun with it.

Avoid a trip to the confession booth.

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