The Golden Rules of Digital Media Marketing 

The Golden Rules To Digital Marketing

As a business, you want your marketing to say: “We’re here, and we’re loud and we’re proud”. Every business needs an online presence and a digital voice to reach its target audience and stand out from the competitors. But there is a fine balance between creating a strong brand identity and not, well, annoying our […]

Black Friday Marketing Ideas and Strategy

Black Friday Marketing Tools

Black Friday is fast approaching, and if you haven’t planned a sale during this notorious marketing showdown to boost sales yet, we’ve got quick tools to get you there in time.  The KlickSense Way to How to Market For Black Friday Originally falling on the 24th of November every year – the day after Thanksgiving […]

Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know Right Now

The latest digital marketing trends

Digital marketing is the new queen of business success. But keeping up with everything we need to do to get our brand noticed can seem like a neverending chess game. Ever-evolving social media algorithms, AI writing, a bunch of acronyms like PPC and SEO, and divergent subcultures are a few of the bishops we should […]

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Awareness Campaigns 

The Klicksense Guide to Brand Awareness Campaigns

Don’t let your brand be invisible. Be the cool kid that everyone wants to know. That’s what it takes to be unique, seen and heard amongst the plethora of other businesses offering the same products and services that you do. How can a business strike a reputation of being in vogue? Well, a good place […]

4 Benefits of White Label Marketing 

The benefits of white label marketing

Marketing is the backbone of your business. And quality marketing is what makes you stand out from your competitors. With the growing advancement of technology and digital tools, getting a bunch of in-house digital specialists to build a marketing team can increase production costs. That’s where white label marketing comes in. Outsourcing your business’s marketing […]

5 Top Reasons Why You Should Rebrand Your Business

Should you rebrand your business

“It’s time to rebrand.” It may be the single most daunting words to hear as a business owner. As reassurance, rebranding is an inevitable part of the natural lifecycle of a business, even successful ones.  Perhaps your target audience has changed, or your business strategy has evolved.  That said, knowing when and how to rebrand […]

Metadata Best Practices

Book about metadata best practices

In the world of SEO, metadata is definitely considered one of the most important factors when optimising.And, while Google is lessening the importance of metadata, it’s certainly not ignoring it.Let’s take a look at some metadata best practices that’ll help you get your site seen. Metadata Best Practices What Is Metadata? In short, metadata is […]

Tracking Your Competition In The Hospitality Industry

tracking hotel competition

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is incredibly competitive. So if you want to maximise your growth, you need to learn how to keep an eye on your competitors.Let’s look at a few ways you can track hotel competition. Tracking Your Competition In Hospitality Monitor Their Website & Blogs Websites and blogs offer a free […]

10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs

best digital marketing blogs

In the information age, it’s difficult to find reliable sources, regardless of your niche.That’s where blogging comes in.Introduced in the 90s, blogs have grown to be one of the biggest sources of organic traffic.But sometimes it’s tricky to find the blogs that give you the insights you need.Let’s take a look at the best digital […]

UGC Marketing & Hospitality

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is customer-centric.But in the digital age, offering an amazing experience doesn’t help much if it’s not shared with other people.Enter UGC.UGC is the lifeblood of the hospitality industry.And it’s important to know how to get and use it.Let’s look at UGC marketing, and how it can elevate your […]