SEMRush Accredited Partners

Digital Marketing Is Like A Watch.
On the surface, you may only see two or three things moving, there’s a lot that goes on underneath.

And, Just Like A Watch,
Digital marketing requires that all of those pieces work together to create something that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

One Of The Lesser-Known Pieces Of The Metaphorical Digital Marketing Watch
Is the software we use when it comes to amplifying services and making it easier for people to find you.

Like Any Other Business,
Digital marketing agencies need to know how and where to advertise themselves.

While There’s A Veritable List
Of the resources available, one of the most popular ones is SEMRush.

SEMRush Is A Hub For
Digital marketing agencies.
And one of the benefits that SEMRush offers is:

Now, while we at Vancula like to consider ourselves to be creative unicorns, we do understand that some are better at certain things than others.

And That’s Where Our SEMRush Partners Accreditation Comes In.

By offering accreditation, a company (in this case SEMRush) basically says, “Yeah, we trust this company so much that we’re willing to give them our stamp of approval for everyone to see.”

Enter My Boss
Lauren Stuttaford. 

When she’s not reprimanding me for colouring outside of the metaphorical lines in terms of brand voice, our favourite fiery redhead (eat your heart out, Ed Sheeran) is busy working behind the scenes to get Vancula’s name on the map.

She Was Key In
Securing our SEMRush accreditation.

While she’s a copywriter at heart, her fields of expertise also include SEO and PPC.

While I am dashingly handsome, incredibly intelligent and hugely humble, I do realise that there are some things I simply don’t really have a firm grasp on.

I intercepted our Media Manager in between her many meetings to find out more about how this whole thing works, and why it’s a good thing for us.
I came prepared with some questions.
Let’s have a look at what she said.

Would You Mind Giving Us A Quick Rundown On How SEMRush Accreditation Works?

So SEMRush is this insane, all-in-one tool that gives marketers comprehensive reporting, tips, and insights across all aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, and so much more. (And honestly, I mean so much more!) Being Accredited essentially means you have learned how to use this tool to its maximum potential. 

What Does Being A SEMRush Accredited Partner Mean For Us At Vancula?

While SEMRush is widely used in the marketing sphere, it’s worth questioning to what extent an agency is using it. Becoming certified has given us so much power, especially HOW we use SEMRush on our client campaigns – in terms of research and insights, it’s invaluable. 

As SEMRush Partners, we are able to feature our company as an agency partner on the SEMRush site, so potential companies who are looking for a digital agency may come across our profile and decide to work with us. Also, we get a pretty SEMRush badge to showcase on our website. This tells prospective clients that not only do we use the best of the best when it comes to digital tools, but that we KNOW how to use it to its full potential. 

How Much Work Goes Into The Process Of Becoming A SEMRush Partner?

For an agency to become a partner, someone from the agency needs to complete the SEMRush for Digital Agencies Certification, as well as the SEMRush Toolkit Exam. Basically, you enroll to learn how the tool works – for whichever marketing element would be valuable to you. In our case, this included SEO, Social Media, and Advertising (PPC). So, 6 Exams (and counting) later. . . Ta-da! Vancula is a SEMRush Accredited Partner!

What’s The Next Step For Vancula? 

Vancula has grown immensely, and we still are. . . The sky really is the limit. Our team produces incredible quality content (no bias as Media Manager). Besides the beautiful-strategic-thinking and our combined talent, part of our ability to create such remarkable content and run successful campaigns is learning how to use industry tools, like SEMRush. 

Lastly; How Do You Have The Mental Fortitude To Handle Me On A Daily Basis?

I was born with it. Sometimes the Mountain Spirits give me some guidance (and of course, patience!).

And There We Have It, Folks.

Vancula is now a SEMRush Partner.
This isn’t the first piece in our metaphorical watch.
And it’s definitely not the last.
But it’s one step closer.
And we can hear it ticking.

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