A Guide To Black Friday For ECommerce Companies

Black Friday is a term that’s infamous in the eCommerce sphere, and for good reason.
Black Friday is the one time of year where deals are often cut so low that some eCommerce stores have complained about their payment gateways crashing as a result of the number of payments being made crashing the systems.
And, while we can’t help payment gateways with that, we can help eCommerce stores prepare for Black Friday with our guide of Black Friday tips, and our Black Friday tips for small businesses.

Black Friday Tips For ECommerce Companies

  • Deep Black Friday Deals

Your eCommerce site won’t do very well if you’re only offering 10% or 20% off.
Black Friday is the one day of the year where people are looking for big savings, and if you can’t offer that, they’ll go look elsewhere.
But don’t worry about site-wide discounts.
Category-specific discounts allow you to look at the products with the highest profit margins, and offer higher discounts on them.

  • Go All-In On VIP Customers

If you’ve got loyal customers, now is the time to thank them for that loyalty.
Sending mails that offer early access or even bigger discounts is a great way to strengthen brand loyalty, and monitor sales of products to see what’s working, and what isn’t.

  • Start Advertising Early

By the time Black Friday actually rolls around, potential customers will already be so flooded with deals online that you’re not as likely to be front of mind for them.
Starting your advertising early is a great way to pique interest and get people interested well before your competition.


  • Segment Your Emails Before And During Black Friday

You can segment your email database into 10 categories:

  • Seasonal shoppers
  • Recent openers
  • VIP customers
  • Product browsers
  • Product category buyers
  • Hasn’t purchased (but is engaged)
  • Email ignorers
  • Almost purchasers
  • Geographic targets
  • Gift givers

For recent openers, browsers, ignorers, almost purchased, and hasn’t purchased segments, it’s important to push tailored offers to compel them to make a purchase – or at least open their emails.
For email ignorers, you can look at enticing them with things like free shipping or free gifts.
All of the Black Friday tips so far have been focused on driving traffic to your site and increasing sales, which raises the question: can your site handle it?

  • Don’t Worry About Site Upgrades

While you might want to update your site with the latest and greatest, it’s important to remember that (as long as your site functions smoothly) people don’t care at this point in time. They want to be able to make a quick purchase and move on. Upgrading your site also runs the risk of crashing it should you get a surge of visitors.

  • Increase Your Site Speed

While upgrading might not be important, site speed is.
With so many people visiting, it’s important to make sure that your site doesn’t crash or slow down, which would ruin the experience for many, and cause them to abandon their carts,
which are vital to retrieve.

  • Optimise For Mobile-First Buyers

It’s no secret that mobile is king at this point in time, so making sure your site is optimised for mobile is going to be a big deciding factor in many purchases.
According to Shopify, 71% of 2021’s Black Friday sales came from mobile alone.

  • Simplify Checkout

People spend a lot of money on impulse purchases – which is increased when they see a great deal.
Offering services like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal are all ways to make the checkout experience as simple as scanning a fingerprint – that means more sales.

  • Kill Coupons And Codes

While discount codes for VIP customers are a great idea early on, so many eCommerce companies offer discount codes that customers may forget and put the wrong code in.
Upon finding that it doesn’t work, they’ll go off in search of more convenient service. Cut the coupons and codes out for Black Friday, and you’ll see many more purchases.

  • Invest In Post-Black Friday Loyalty

If somebody purchased something from your site during Black Friday, it’s important to thank them for their service. Rewarding them with points and other redeemables is a great way to ensure they’ll come back.

  • Adopt Buy-Now, Pay-Later Platforms

During times like Black Friday, people want to make the most of their bank accounts, and platforms like Payflex and PayJustNow are great ways to do that. By offering the opportunity to pay the purchase back, and receiving the full amount from these companies, pay-later platforms are a great idea at any time.


These Black Friday tips are great for businesses of all sizes.
But they’ll only get you so far.
A/B testing, ingenuity and creative thinking are going to be the factors that differentiate you from your competitors, and will ultimately determine whether or not you’ll succeed in such a competitive industry.

(And if payment gateways don’t crash).

Frequently Asked Questions

With Shopify reporting an increase of 23% from 2021, Black Friday has netted Shopify merchants around $6.3 billion.
While Black Friday is great for online deals, Cyber Monday has been cited as the best time for online deals, as stores are able to run much larger flash deals.
In principle, the basics remain the same. It’s about your preparedness and planning. If done right, small businesses can outperform their larger counterparts, especially if they offer a unique product or service.

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