Broker Marketing Packages (South Africa)

We've got the best solutions and strategies you need to grow.

Struggling to grow your client-base?

Unsure where your next lead may come from?

We’ve got the solution for you.
Not only can we create and manage your online presence – we’ll drive leads straight to your door.

Insurance is complex, and often a headache. Our tailor-made solutions packages are your bridge to getting new policy-holders. 
Short-term insurance? Check.
Life insurance? Check.
Any other insurance? Check.
What we’re saying is that our high-converting marketing strategy is guaranteed to show you results because:
a. We’re policy-holders too.
b. Our job is to talk to your audience. 

We want this to work for you, which is why we’re offering our starter package at 50% off. 

All pricing contingent on a 12 months contract 


Testing The Waters(30-50 leads a month)
R 3500 Monthly - Suggested R10 000 to platforms
  • PPC Google Search Campaign
  • Social remarketing - 2 ads designed every term
  • Linkedin Sequencing campaign for 1 profile
  • Instant transaction landing page
50% off Month 1


Best For Growth (50 - 100 Leads a month)
R 12000 Monthly - Suggested R15 000 to Platforms
  • 5 page Website / Hosting / Maintenance
  • PPC Google Search Campaign
  • Social remarketing/ 2 ad designs every term
  • Linkedin Sequencing campaign for 2 profiles
  • Local SEO
  • 1 Monthly Newsletter from our library
  • 2 landing pages for the contract term
  • Instant transaction landing page


The Premium (100+ leads a month)
R 18000 Monthly - Suggested R20 000 to platforms
  • 8 Page website, advanced functionality
  • Hosting of website/maintenance and 8 email accounts
  • PPC Google Search Campaign
  • Social Remarketing/4ads designed every term
  • Linkedin Sequencing campaign 3 profiles
  • Local SEO and Directory listings
  • 2 Monthly newsletters from our library
  • 4 landing pages for the contract term
  • Instant transaction landing page

Who this is for

This package is designed to ease you into the digital realm, and expose you to the beauty of digital marketing that will passively drive leads to you. We now offer 50% off your first month to try the services.

Who this is for

This package is great for fast growth and generating interest-based leads for a mid-size brokerage. 

Who this is for

This package is the ultimate marketing solution that will position you as a leader in the broker industry. Generate new leads and nurture existing clients by providing high-value content.

Necessary stats on insurance interest-based searches in South Africa. 

Keyword: “Life Insurance” And variations – on average 76000 people search for life insurance-related terms every month across South Africa/ The golden question we have for you is:
What are you willing to pay for each lead? What is the acquisition costs for 1 client that takes life insurance from you?

Keyword: ” Short term insurance” and variations – on average 63400 people search for short-term related terms every month across South-Africa.

Keyword: “Medical Aid” And variations – on average 346820 people search for medical aid, perhaps they are looking around or need the advice to shift to an alternative provider. 

If you don’t have active campaigns on Google and Facebook you are missing out on people looking to take advice or services you offer on a daily basis. 

How does a remarketing funnel work?

The tracking feature of a Facebook pixel allows us to identify bounced website visitors and target them directly through custom ads.

Custom ads are designed to drive already interested people to a specific landing page (often a page they’ve already visited) and down the marketing funnel into a successful conversion.

For Example:

  1. Your business was discovered by an interested person through either organic search, Google My Business, or social media. However this person didn’t take any action.
  2. The Facebook Pixel tracks the person who landed on your page but didn’t convert.
  3. A custom ad is created and targeted to these interested people via their Facebook feed and directs them back to your landing page.
  4. Now your CTA does the work and this traffic becomes a conversion.

Does this work for businesses that don’t use Facebook to target customers?

Yes, since many internet users access various platforms and browse the internet from one email address. So, even if your business doesn’t specifically market through the Facebook network, you can still benefit from the Facebook Pixel’s tracking functionality. Due to the amount of people using Facebook, chances are the person you want back is already on Facebook.

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