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Vancula Is Evolving

Formed in 2017, Vancula started as a small digital marketing agency in Bloemfontein.
Since then, it’s grown and moved to the Western Cape and has since branched out into the UK, and other parts of the globe. While it was initially a full-service digital marketing agency, the company has since found a niche in paid media, and it intends to dominate.

It’s with that specialisation that the company has decided to rebrand itself.
Vancula is falling away, and being replaced by KlickSense, the SEM and paid media specialists.
While they may be focusing on a niche, it was a change that allowed for a more consistent hands-on approach for clients, setting them apart as a company with ability to monitor activities more thoroughly and make adjustments to things as needed in this ever-changing digital landscape.

The founder and CEO, Henri Scott, has spoken about looking for investors to aid in growth, and has ambitious goals for what the company can achieve.
He’s expressed enthusiasm at the opportunity to reposition and grow with like-minded businessmen, saying, “It’s sad to say goodbye to Vancula, but I’m excited to see what the future holds for KlickSense and the team.”

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