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There’s No Denying
That digital marketing has become the most relevant form of marketing.

Every Day,
More and more people shift into the online sphere, spending more and more time staring at a screen, and the world has shifted there as well.

And The Online World Is Not The Same
As its offline counterpart.

Since The Chaos That Is COVID
Hit the world, there’s been a huge increase in online businesses, and digital marketing as a result.

But The Problem
Is that many people still don’t really know the basics of digital marketing.

So I’m Here
To share with you, dear reader, Digital Marketing For Absolute Beginners.
Writer Man edition.

Firstly, Let’s Note That
Digital marketing isn’t different from other forms of marketing in terms of end-goal.

The Core Aspect
Always remains the same: connect client to consumer.

And That’s What Many People Seem To Miss.
The biggest misconception is that having more reach means that you’ll be more successful.

It’s Simply Not True.
People in the digital realm are, if anything, more picky about what they’ll respond to.

Partly Because
Most of these interactions happen on their phone.
In their space.
Which, from a psychological perspective, will make them more prone to being hyper-critical of anything presented to them.

All Successful Examples Of Marketing
Showcase the power of quality over quantity.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should.
Digital marketing does offer a wider audience.
But it also offers more insight into your audience.
If you can use that to focus your efforts on a specific group, you can create a more custom-tailored offering, which will be better received.

Timing Is Everything
In the online world.
While it’s important to make use of events (Valentine’s Day, for example), it’s also important to be up-to-date on what’s going on in any sphere that’s even vaguely related to what you do.

Social Media
Is a great way to do it.

Realise That You May Very Well
Miss something.
But it’s not the end of the world if you’re a smaller company.
There are less eyes on you, and you’ll have another chance later on.

But If You See An Opportunity
To approach something, and share it with people, you should be quick to do so.

People Hop On Bandwagons
So your timing could be the difference between driving, riding shotgun, or having to walk.

Realise that even this guide isn’t comprehensive, and only outlines the very basics. 

But That’s The Point.
There isn’t really a comprehensive guide.
And there never will be.

Any Form Of Marketing
Can be taught to a degree. (Or a diploma.)

But All Effective Marketing
Comes as a result of spending extensive time involving yourself in as much as you possibly can.

The Internet
Can be harsh, fast, and cruel.

And Digital Marketing
Isn’t an exact science.
But there are tips and tricks that will help.

And, If You Can Learn
To never take things too seriously, to be honest and true, to keep learning, and to have fun (plus use these pointers) you’ll see how quickly you fall into the rhythm of learning how to approach people digitally.

Who Knows
You may even start your own digital marketing agency.

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