Nowadays, almost every purchase starts online.
And, with the growing convenience of growing online, it’s no surprise that things like insurance policies are also being purchased online.
Marketing for insurance now requires a new level of finesse in order to effectively approach people online.
And, for a market that relies on growing its client base near-constantly, it’s important to know how to do that in an increasingly competitive landscape.
Let’s look at some of the best insurance marketing strategies, and how you can get ahead with some of the best practices when it comes to digital marketing for insurance agencies!


Digital Marketing For Insurance Agencies: Best Practices

Define Your Target Audience

As with any other industry, trying to market to everybody will ultimately result in marketing to nobody. When it comes to the insurance sector, have tailor-made offers for specific buyer personas is the best way to narrow down your audience and determine who you want to market to. 

Have A Great Website

Websites are the bread and butter of any company offering service packages, which means that a large part of digital marketing for insurance is reliant on your UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface).

The most important information should be highly accessible for newcomers to the site (insurance is a daunting thing, after all), navigating your site should be a breeze, and information should be easy to find if there’s confusion around jargon or complicated offerings.

Offer High-Quality Content

While online purchases are easy to make, online research is easy to do.
And in a time where keywords can be found easily, and ranked for without too much hassle (if done correctly), the best way to stand out is with high-quality, personalised content.
A 2021 report from McKinsey found that 72% of consumers expect the businesses they buy from to recognise them as an individual with some form of personalisation for their offering. 

Focus On A Solid SEO Strategy

SEO isn’t as simple as it used to be, and it can’t be learned on the fly.
Digital marketing for insurance agencies does rely heavily on a solid SEO strategy, and consulting with a specialist insurance marketing agency will do your website a world of good.
Blog posts, website optimisation, and mobile-first optimisation are just a few ways to generate organic traffic and, ultimately, convert visitors.

Use PPC Advertising

Insurance digital marketing isn’t easy to do, and PPC is no different.
But, if you partner with an agency that’s worth its salt, you’ll find that the now-complicated Google ads can be boiled down to paying the agency, and seeing the results come in – quickly.

Use Social Media

Now this one may be a bit left-field, but more the half the world uses social media.
If you’re clever about it, you can find ways to approach to the uses on various platforms.
A great example of this is Naked Insurance.
The South African insurance agency has been incredibly clever with its advertising, and grown through witty and fresh organic posts, allowing for paid and earned growth.

Create A Solid Email Campaign

Despite their age, email campaigns are a great way to get attention from potential customers.
This is another instance where your buyer persona is important, as it’ll help you formulate your voice, and how you’ll deliver your offering.


If done properly, you can easily make the most of insurance digital marketing.
These are just a few ways to get ahead of the competition.
While there are other things you can do to get ahead, these are the best ways to do so.
And, no matter what, don’t stand idly by while your ship sinks.

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