Signs saying "Stereotype?" and "Reality?"

I Was Looking For
A post of some kind about digital marketing stereotypes.

And, Well,
I couldn’t find anything that really spoke about everything what I was looking for.

A While Back,
I wrote a little piece about misconceptions regarding digital marketing.
Which, while sort of similar, isn’t really related to what I’d like to talk about today.

The Digital Marketing Stereotypes
I’d like to talk about today are more related to the industry.

So, Without Further Ado,
Let’s hop right into some digital marketing stereotypes and look at what’s true (and what’s full of sh*t).

Any content is king.

As Far As Digital Marketing Stereotypes Go, 
It’s a pretty common one.
The idea that putting anything out to keep a digital presence consistent misses the mark.

Software Becomes
More person-oriented and driven by the day, and it influences what people see.

If Your Content Is Irrelevant 
It won’t be shown relevantly.

The idea that digital marketing isn’t for the little guys.

While It Might
Seem to make more sense to spend that budget on other aspects, if you’re looking for growth, making use of digital marketing services(especially early on) sets a great foundation online so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

The idea that we can sell you your pen – and sell it to others too.

We Wish We Could, 
But the reality is that we can do everything possible to put your goods and services out there.

But, As The Saying (Sorta) Goes
You can lead a man to a product, but you can’t make him buy it.
No matter how great digital marketing is, it simply won’t do well if people don’t want to buy it.

Which Leads Quite Nicely Into The Next Point. 
Whether a product sells or doesn’t, there’s always a chance that the view that digital marketers are shady will come into being.

And It’s So Infuriatingly Wrong. 
I’m not saying that some people don’t do shady stuff, but that’s easy to see in every industry.

The Truth Is That 
As technology becomes more advanced, the tools we have available give us more information to help us more effectively target relevant people and increase the chances of sales.

The Amount You Spend 
Is always linked to how much work needs to be done, which services we use and so on.

Any Good Digital Marketing Agency
Will regularly show you where that money goes and make you feel like it’s never a bad investment.

And, Speaking Of Investment,
It’s also easy to ask why you should work with digital marketing agencies at all instead of doing it yourself.

While It’s Understandable To Ask That,
It’s easy to ask why you’d bother hiring a builder when you could just build the house yourself.

You Could Do It
But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you run the risk of hurting yourself (or your business).

Digital Marketing Stereotypes
Are always based in some sort of truth.
But that doesn’t mean it’s the whole truth.
It’s easy to look at people who get caught doing something they shouldn’t, and allowing that to shape our view of an entire industry.

This topic isn’t all that relevant to the rest of our blog posts.

But It’s Important To Share This. 
It’s important to share it because digital marketing stereotypes damages the growth of digital marketing agencies and people alike.

And I’d Like To Think 
That there’s one reader who walks away and can safely say:

“Huh. Guess That Wasn’t Necessarily True After All.”




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