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Being a dentist is tricky enough – but when patients avoid coming in until something chips, cracks, or breaks, it’s tricky to ensure that you have a steady stream of income.
But there doesn’t need to be a pain in order for you to get patients in.
In this article, we’ll look at email marketing for dentists, and how effective email marketing can attract new customers and prompt existing ones to be wary of their dental health – and to go to you first.

Email Marketing For Dentists – How It Works, And How To Do It

Let’s take a look at some reasons why email marketing is a good idea for your practice.

  • It’s Cost Effective

Creating and sending off emails takes very little time – and even less money.
In fact, the average return on investment (ROI) is around 36:1 Which means that, for every $1 (R16,78) you spend, you can expect to make around $36 (R604,14).
On top of all of that, there’s minimal upfront investment, meaning that even a small budget can go a long way when you use it right. 

  • It’s A Great Way To Build Loyalty

Email is something we all deal with on a daily basis.
That means that you can use it to keep your subscribers up-to-date with new services and offerings, as well as offer targeted promotions to segments of your mailing list.

  • It’s Good For Increasing Credibility

Something as simple as a follow-up email allows patients the opportunity to provide their feedback quickly (and honestly).
So, with all of those perks, there’s really just one question:


How Do I Get Started?


Step 1: Find The Right Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing for dentists is just like every other form of marketing in that it all requires the right platform.
Professional marketing services such as MailChimp and Sendinblue are great platforms for beginners and veterans alike looking to get started in the email marketing world.


Step 2: Create A Free Valuable Offering And A Signup Form

Once you your email is set up, you need to identify and create something valuable which you’ll offer to your audience in return for one thing: their email.
For example, an article like: Digital Marketing Best Practices For Dentists is a great value offering for dentists.
The ultimate goal is to offer something that they won’t be able to refuse.
Once you’ve created your value offering, the next step is to create a form which allows your audience to give you an email address in exchange for your valuable offering – which is how you’ll reach out to them in the future with more offerings to keep you in the front of their mind.


Step 3: Promote Your Forms And Collect Emails

Once you’ve got your forms, it’s time to put them to work in various places.

New patient forms are a great way to get a hold of new email addresses, as well as having a sign-up form on your website are easy, effective ways to get more email addresses which you can offer valuable products to.


Step 4: Start Sending Emails With A Goal

Around 74% of people expect a welcome mail as the first email they receive from anything they sign up for.
It’s important to focus on building a relationship with your audience while also offering them valuable content as things go along.


Step 5: Monitor Your Numbers

You’ve started growing – and that’s great! But now isn’t the time to become complacent.
Make sure you monitor your email marketing campaigns to see who subscribes, who unsubscribes, and the mails you send that lead to those results. Stick with what works – cut what doesn’t.



While marketing for dentists may be a tricky thing to handle, email marketing is (undoubtedly) still one of the best ways to get your name out there. And, if done right, promises a return on investment the likes of which you’d never expect.

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