Everything You Need to Know About Brand Awareness Campaigns 

Don’t let your brand be invisible. Be the cool kid that everyone wants to know. That’s what it takes to be unique, seen and heard amongst the plethora of other businesses offering the same products and services that you do. How can a business strike a reputation of being in vogue? Well, a good place to start is with brand awareness campaigns. 

The KlickSense Guide to Brand Awareness Campaigns 

What is a brand awareness campaign?

Brand awareness is how people out there recognise and perceive your brand. And every business wants to stand out, get noticed and be seen as a reliable and high-quality brand. 

This is where brand awareness comes in. And the business is in control of creating these perceptions through its campaigns. The messaging and imagery a business puts forth through marketing efforts is how consumers get to know its brand. 

Similar to how every person has their own unique personality, every business needs to be differentiated from the next. Social media ads, print media (yes, print isn’t entirely dead) and every verbal and visual expression of your business is what allows consumers to know who you are. 

The importance of brand awareness 

We exist in a hyper-competitive realm of business. Social media platforms, ever-changing technology, and an abundance of subcultures have provided opportunities for many business ventures to find a space within specific industries. 

Creating and maintaining a brand’s personality and identity is the core component to be noticed by consumers from all the rest. And more consumers means more profitability. More profits equals more success. (Quick math.) 

Building credibility  

When consumers know what a brand is all about, they are more likely to trust it and spend their hard-earned cash on what’s on offer. 

Consumers don’t like secrets. No skeletons in the closet. They want an open book, fulfilled promises, and clear messaging. In fact, 46% of U.S. consumers are happy to pay more for a brand they trust.

When a brand promises value and quality, they expect to receive that. And if your business sticks to these promises, consumers are more likely to purchase from you than your competitors, even if your prices are higher. 

Creating loyalty 

A business needs to be loyal to attract loyal customers. How do you do this? Building a strong brand awareness attracts potential customers. Once customers have a good experience with the product and service, they become loyal customers who continue to support your business. 

Competitive differentiation 

There are a ton of businesses out there with the same offers. Creating awareness of your brand through awareness campaigns gives your business a competitive edge. A unique selling proposition encourages consumers to opt for your products and services over your competitors. 

Growth opportunities 

Businesses often start with a few products and services and gradually attract potential and loyal customers. A strong brand awareness provides the perfect opportunity to enter new markets and offer new products and services. Allowing for new target audiences and growth for your company.  

Executing an effective brand awareness campaign 

Now that we know the benefits of building brand awareness, KlickSense is here to guide you through developing and executing an effective campaign for brand awareness. 

The key is consistency 

Consistency is a broad term encompassing everything your business stands for and represents. This means that your identity – your visual and verbal branding – as well as your brand’s values, messaging and products and services all flow in harmony. 

From your marketing efforts, website, and voice to your manufacturing, packaging, and customer service should all align with your brand’s values. How do you create this uniformity within your business? 

Brand awareness marketing campaigns. 

Utilising social media 

Marketing is the pivotal point on which your brand awareness revolves around. The content you share, the ads you create, the blogs you write and the videos you upload are a part of building awareness of your brand. 

All the content you produce and share on social media platforms should align with the values of your company and the products or services you offer. 

Outsourcing marketing efforts to a digital agency allows your company to utilise social media and create a consistent and effective campaign for building this awareness. 

Align with your consumer needs 

Without a target audience, a business wouldn’t be able to flourish. Understanding your consumer needs, preferences and desires is essential. Once you understand these, a brand needs to present itself as being able to provide these needs.

Head to experts for optimal awareness 

That’s it, folks. Creating consistent and valuable awareness of your brand ensures brand visibility. It also familiarises consumers, attracting more sales. Still have more questions? Or not entirely sure how to hone brand awareness? Don’t fret, the experts are here to help. KlickSense offers industry knowledge, creative problem-solving, and successful marketing campaigns for your brand to shine bright. Don’t be shy, contact us today

What is a brand awareness campaign?

Marketing efforts to strengthen the familiarity of your brand for consumers. 

When is a brand awareness campaign successful?

When customers can recognise your brand and decide to purchase your products or services. And the ultimate goal: become loyal customers. 

How long should a brand awareness campaign last? 

Depending on the type of campaign, anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 months to build awareness, increase engagement and capture leads. 



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