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So, Which Kind Of Footprint Are We Talking About?
Not bigfoot’s, or your ecological footprint, but rather managing your brand’s reputation online.

What Is A Digital Footprint?
A digital footprint is a history of everything a person or business has done “on the line”.

Let’s lace up a pair of shoes and break them in.

The Digital Footprint Your Business Has Right Now
includes what your brand has put out there intentionally.
And the not-so-intentional parts of your prints, too.

These Are Important Kicks To Lace Up, Because
Existing in the digital space that our businesses do means that ever-important digital footprints allow you to achieve extensive growth in your brand.
…And to not trip.

This Means
Consumers’ eyes being caught, your brand becoming easier and easier to find, and the chance to present your brand in the Nikes of your choice. 

Who Run The World (Of Business)?
Even though Beyoncé says girls run the world, you can’t run in unlaced shoes. So loop those first few holes and let’s look at tech’s impact on business.

It’s Pretty Obvious That
Tech has grown at an enormous pace in the last few years.
And COVID-19 definitely made things move faster.

To Put It In Perspective,
We all know someone who is a “stocks” kind of guy (slow groan). Over the past year, tech stocks have outperformed the broader market with the fastest growing tech stocks having as much as 100% revenue growth.

Now If That Isn’t Concrete, I Don’t Know What Is.
Speaking of Concrete, Let’s See Where It Has Lead.
Addison Rae danced her way to fame (siiiiigh), Rickey-T makes money off of being outrageous on Youtube and a compliment to the chef is their food ending up on the gram, instead of a, “Thank you!”

Now, Jobs Exist
That didn’t before thanks to social media, and business meetings are held on Microsoft Teams and Zoom these days, and not in boardroom 2.
With our physical footprints turning into digital ones, the need for a thought-out business digital footprint is staring us in the face.

These Next Three (Four!) Laces Need To Be Carefully Done Up:

  1. Pop a tab open and do a search on your company’s name.
  2. Check out your brand’s social media, from Youtube to Instagram.
  3. Check and check again. To make sure you have seen all parts of your business’ digital footprint, keep in mind that small things like employee information are included too.
  4. (Writer man strikes again with a secret step!) Check again. (Just to be sure)

Once Those Laces Are Tightened,
You have to make sure that you leave a solid imprint.
Have a website that’s user friendly.
A website could be bomb, but it doesn’t help if it navigates horribly.

Make Sure
You have a social media presence that’s up to scratch.

Always Remember,
Your digital footprint needs to be a step above your competitors.
Checking out their social media and web pages is a good idea.

When It’s All Said And Done,
Digital footprints are tricky, and nobody really knows how to do it right.
But hopefully this helps.
Or at least helps you to tie your shoes.

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