How Can Email Marketing Help Your Dental Practice

More often than not, when looking for a new dentist, people will turn to online searches in the hopes of getting what they’re looking for.
But with so many big names taking over the front page of Google with paid advertising, it can be difficult to find ways to get your name out there – and to keep your existing clients.
That’s where email marketing comes in.
Email marketing for dentists is a great way to not only get your foot in the door but to remind your current clients that you’re there to help when they need it.
With a really low cost in terms of initial investments and a high return on those investments, it’s a great benefit to your practice and is incredibly effective at attracting patients to your dental clinic.
Let’s take a look at some more perks the email marketing for dentists offers.


Benefits Of Email Marketing For Dentists

With around 60% of people saying that they’re likely to make a purchase as the result of a marketing email, it’s difficult to find a way to rule out its efficacy.
And, while email marketing is a good idea in general, email marketing for dentists is proven to be beneficial in other ways.


Better Patient Engagement

Unless they need a checkup or some kind of operation, patients usually don’t make much contact with their dentists.
Email marketing for dentists gives you an opportunity to offer some information to your patients.
Some practices provide emails packed full of useful advice and information – something which many patients appreciate, and will ultimately keep them.
It also gives you the chance to send follow-up emails after appointments asking for reviews or just thanking the patient for their time.


Opportunities To Connect With Patients

Attracting patients to your dental clinic isn’t a one-way street.
If you send emails to your patients, there’s a good chance they’ll send some back.
And, as this back-and-forth grows, your patients will begin seeing your emails as valuable sources of information.
You’ll find your patients interacting more with you, opening up a channel of communication.
Offer them tips and advice.
Use their frequently asked questions in your FAQs.
You’ll begin attracting patients to your website and, ultimately, your practice because they relate to you and to what you say.


Better Appointment Management

Anybody who works in the healthcare industry will tell you that one of the most frustrating things about customer relations is keeping appointments.
Getting patients to make and keep an appointment can be difficult, especially if you only remind them with a phone call.
Emails are a great way to ensure your patients remember and show up for their appointment, and are less likely to cancel on you on short notice.
Best of all – you can automate it if you let them book an appointment on your website.


If attracting patients to your dental clinic is what you’re looking for, then email marketing is the way to go.
Like we said before, the benefits of email marketing for dentists are undeniable, and surprisingly easy to get set up.

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