How to stay on top of marketing trends

Discovering new trends can help your digital marketing strategy to stay effective and relevant. The marketing world is continuously changing and is not easy to keep up with these changes. To stay ahead of the competition, here’s why you should stay on top of the marketing trends.

How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends

  • Monitor Relevant Social Media Accounts

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will help you keep up with the latest marketing industry trends. You should follow users who post regularly about trends to stay in the loop. But make sure you follow accounts that are relevant to your industry; otherwise, your newsfeed will become clogged with postings from unrelated users. Find hashtags that are relevant to what you’re looking for, and accounts belonging to leaders in your industry, and keep track of them.

  • Keep An Eye On Competitors

You must monitor what your competitors are doing if you want to stay on top of news, opportunities, and emerging trends. You could use them in a variety of ways, such as finding ideas for popular blog topics or seeing if they’ve created a video marketing strategy that your company could implement. Have a look at their social media pages, blog posts, and website designs to learn more about current trends.

  • Read Blogs

Need ideas? Look at blogs from companies that are more relevant in terms of specialised trends in digital marketing, which you can use to write about. If you follow the right blogs, it will be simple for you to see upcoming marketing trends, and you can then incorporate what you learn into your own digital marketing plan.

  • Network Inside and Outside Your Industry

By networking and taking advantage of others’ knowledge, you can learn how individuals in your sector handle problems. Meetup and Eventbrite are two examples of sites like this. It could offer you a new outlook on the difficulties you’re facing, and show you what’s coming up.

  • Subscribe To Email Newsletters

You can sign up for websites to receive email newsletters so you don’t have to go through a ton of content. This is a fantastic approach to keeping up with current marketing trends. 

  • Opt In To Google Alerts

Google Alerts will notify you of new content when they discover it on a topic you’ve flagged in order to keep you informed. Because Google Alerts’ results are customised to your precise keywords, it helps you stay up to date on all the latest developments in digital marketing and marketing industry trends. You’ll receive updates on trends in other industries as well as information from your competitors, which will help you keep on top of niche trends.

  • Study Your Audience Behaviour

Since customers are the ones who use our services and read our material, their behaviour is a big tell-tale sign. Chat with your clients by responding to their inquiries, speaking with them, or commenting on their blog articles or social media posts. It’s a great way to see what they’re doing, what they’re looking for, and give you an opportunity to identify trends in the market that matters the most.


Here are some marketing trends from 2022:

  • Video marketers keep content short

While long-form videos provide a great deal of detail and information about a company, its services, or a product, short-form videos that get right to the point are far more effective. These small videos are easier to prepare and better at holding your attention. Instagram Reels and TikTok videos have become incredibly popular as a result of this.

  • Consumers will step into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences

Today’s digital marketing industry has seen tremendous success with both AR and VR. Observing a 360-degree video on social media, for instance is a wild change from staring at a phone screen. At events and online, AR and VR are being used to enhance the client experience.

  • More consumers will hear branded audio content

Digital marketers were baffled by Clubhouse, an audio-only chatroom that attracted millions of users without publishing any graphic material. Numerous social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, began to test, develop, and introduce comparable services. 

  • More businesses will use SEO to concur search traffic

In order to generate both short-term and long-term traffic returns, it is our responsibility as marketers to make sure that our content and websites are as easily discoverable as possible, mostly on Google. Although it is a growing aspect of digital marketing tactics, SEO is nothing new. The importance of SEO can’t be understated, and investing in SEO specialists will be key in helping to grow a site’s visibility online.

  • Video will remain the top marketing content format.

Video marketing appears at the top of the list when looking at the most effective content strategies, even better than email marketing or blogging. Videos just have a deeper connection with the potential customers. It can later be used for a variety of things, like changing the video content into text based content or into podcasts. Turning audio or text into video will be a different story and harder to accomplish. Video creation has become so much easier to make with resources and production seeing as these things are easier to access in today’s time.

  • Blogging is here to stay

Since businesses began creating their own websites, blogging has been a component of their marketing plans. As far as marketing industry trends go, blogging will never go out of style because it really works. The website or online pages of a brand can benefit greatly from blogs because they can increase conversion and consumer engagement. Strong blogs have greater search potential than other websites since they effectively implement SEO tactics.



In order to succeed in the digital marketing sphere, it’s vital that you know how to keep up with marketing trends. If done right, you’ll begin to notice the patterns, quickly learn how to stay on top of trends, and eventually, maybe even be the one setting trends in the future.

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