Insurance Agent On Social Media

Insurance agents don’t have an easy gig.
Being creative in your marketing efforts is crucial in standing out above your competition.
Although, while it may not be easy, it’s certainly not impossible.
Let’s take a look at insurance on social media, and how you can stand out as an insurance agent on social media platforms.

Insurance On Social Media: How To Stand Out As An Insurance Agent

Much like other industries, insurance has some basic requirements.
But it also has some industry-specifics to keep in mind.

  • Optimise Your Profile Picture

The best way to appeal to people on social media is to be able to relate to them.
Uploading a profile picture that’s fun or family oriented is a great way to introduce yourself as somebody who’s not all business.

  • Optimise Your Bio

This is where the business aspect begins to show.
Your bio allows you to share a bit about yourself and your industry experience.
Additionally, you can link to your site or contact details (think of this as the “business card” of social media).

  • Capture The Moment

If you’re meeting with a client, or somebody influential, grab a picture with them.
You can store them in a
Dropbox or Google Drive folder and either upload them as-is, or remove the backgrounds and use it for marketing material.

  • Position Yourself As The Go-To Source Of Information

Advertising or talking about insurance on social media is entirely dependent on your target audience.
Depending on who they are, you may benefit from finding creative ways to tackle key pain points and talking to your audience about them.
For example, breaking down insurance policies, or talking about things to look out for (scams, etc.) are great little tidbits of information you can offer to place yourself in the position of an industry leader.

  • Share Success Stories

Showing off how well your company has done to help a client is a great way to make you and your brand stand out on social media.
Ask for video testimonials which you can upload on your profile – having a video is more authentic and believable than a couple of lines of copy.

  • Build Meaningful Connections

Social media is a place where people come to share their stories and connect with one another.
It’s important, then, to work in building meaningful relationships with prospective clients online.
If you want to think of it in business terms, you could call it nurturing prospects.
This is a time when your job as an insurance agent isn’t to sell insurance on social media.
Your job now is to show people that you’re the face of a company, and that they can connect to that company by connecting to you.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is something we all look for, be it consciously or subconsciously.
As far as the insurance industry goes, many people are wary about the bureaucracy and paperwork associated with insurance, and how inconsistent some companies can be when it comes to helping out their customers.
As the face of a company, it’s your job to make sure that you represent that company by being consistent in your tone, look, style, and time of posting.
Services like Hootsuite and Meta Business Suite are great ways to set up automated posts, which help you to remain consistent, even if you’re not able to post at that time.

  • Talk To Digital Marketing Experts

While it’s not vital, it’s a great way to get yourself a step ahead of others when it comes to selling insurance on social media.
Digital marketing agencies exist for the purpose of helping to grow online presence, and that includes yours!
With their experience in the industry, it’s a no-brainer to look at working with them to help you stand out as an insurance agent on social media.


Ultimately, insurance on social media isn’t an easy gig, but it’s not impossible to do.
By following the tips above, and keeping your customers in mind, you’ll find success in any avenue of marketing. Social media is an inexpensive way to reach out and grow a network. And, with some patience and practice, you’ll see long-lasting growth – quickly.

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