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Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate:

Accounting for roughly 60% of all global employment, SMEs are the backbone of any economy.
But building and running an SME requires dedication and sacrifice.
This is why it’s vital to ensure that you put your best foot forward in every aspect of your business to make sure it succeeds.

One Of Those Aspects, Of Course,
Is digital marketing.

Digital Marketing? Why?

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of digital marketing.
But it shouldn’t be dismissed.
And, while around 80% of all businesses have an online presence, not many have made the most of it.

What Do You Mean?

I mean, dear subheading, that there are two huge benefits of digital marketing for small businesses.
Allow me to elaborate.

Bear With Me For A Moment.

McDonald’s sells an average of 75 burgers per second.
That means they sell 6.48 million burgers a day.

What Does Fast Food Have To Do With Digital Marketing, Exactly?

Because, if fast food has taught us anything, it’s that convenience is king.
And, in the 21st century, that matters more than ever.

Could We Get To The Benefits Now?

Yes, of course!
Let’s get into it.
The main factor is that it’s convenient for the customer.
But let’s break it down and look at exactly how that happens.


It allows you to connect to your customers.
Most of the world is online right now, so being online gives you the best chance to reach them.
By reaching out to your consumer base, you give them less to do in order to see you, which makes it more enticing for them to engage with you.

On Top Of That

It makes you seem more legitimate, which is always a good thing.


It’s important to remember that your competitors are online. 

Why Is That Important To Remember?

Because it gives you an excellent opportunity to see what they’re doing right and use that to extend your reach.
And these things combine to create even more convenience for your customers. (Clever, right?)

How Do I Do That?

Well, you could try to do it yourself.
But, unless you have a background in digital marketing, you likely wouldn’t see the results you want.
Because you’d have to spend a heck of a lot of time understanding the target market and how to create a sustainable online presence.
Time which could be spent on growing your business.


Why not hire a digital marketing agency?
From web development to social media management to SEO (shoutout to my boss for working hard at that), they spend their time working on the digital stuff so that you don’t have to.

Let’s Answer The Burning Question.
Is digital marketing worth it?


If you’re an e-commerce site, then it’s super important that your customers be able to reach you.


If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, then it’s doubly important, especially in the digital age.

Don’t Get Me Wrong.

You don’t need to make use of digital marketing to get customers through the door.
And if you’re seeing growth, that’s fantastic.


Digital marketing for small businesses is often overlooked.
And the importance of digital marketing often goes unnoticed.

If You Think That You’re Doing Well Now,

Try investing some of that capital into digital marketing.
Give it two months.
You’ll see more growth.
And your growth will see growth.
And that growth will see growth.
Until, one day, you’re no longer an SME.

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