is my business growing too quickly

Growth is the ultimate goal for almost all companies.
But growth isn’t always a good thing.
We’ve put together some signs that your business is growing too fast.

Is My Business Growing Too Fast? Signs Your Business Is Growing Too Quickly.

  • Employees Are Confused By The Culture

One of the biggest signs that your business is growing too quickly is that your employees are confused by – or don’t align with – the company culture.
Take a moment to see if you’ve moved away from your core culture without your team understanding that. If you have, then you may need to reassess.


  • Quality Standards Aren’t Being Met

If your team usually puts out great work, but their level of quality has dropped, then it’s time to ask yourself, “Is my business growing too fast?”
Customer feedback is an invaluable asset, and something you should be using to measure if your team’s quality is dropping.


  • Resources Are Stretched Too Thin

While growing quickly is great, if your people, cash, or quality are being spread too thin, then your company is growing at a rate that doesn’t allow for sustainable growth.


  • You’re Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

While more money may seem wonderful, if you and your team don’t have the capacity to keep up with the workload, then that’s something you should take as one of the signs that your business is growing too quickly.
Look at getting more people onboard, or
outsourcing for help.


  • Team Morale Is Low

Morale is directly related to how supported an employee feels by the company.
Investing in team coaching, and hearing the good, bad, and ugly that everybody thinks and feels is key to ensuring sustainable growth.


  • Innovation Decreases

Innovation is fostered by the opportunity to think.
If your team is at capacity, then looking for a decrease in innovation is one of the biggest signs that your business is growing too quickly.


  • Deadlines Are Missed

It should go without saying that, if you’re not fulfilling client requests, something is wrong.
Your team may simply not be able to balance the amount of work with their deadlines.
Setting internal deadlines, and working toward being a month or so ahead is a good way to give your team room to breathe.


  • Turnover Increases

Employees burning out is a dead giveaway that they’re being pushed too much, and that you’re growing too quickly.
If your team is unhappy, and your turnover is increasing, then you may need to reassess how much work you’re giving them.
Growth is great, but not at the cost of your team’s ability to get work done. 


  • You’re Experiencing A Disconnect With Your Team

If you’re noticing that your team’s values aren’t aligning with your own, it may be time to figure out if your growth is too fast.
Communication is key – and checking in with your team is the best way to check if your growth is sustainable.


  • You Don’t Have The Systems To Support Growth

This point is especially true for smaller businesses. Some companies simply may not have foreseen that they’d be growing as quickly as they are. It’s important to have contingencies in place to support growth. If that’s not working, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Frequently Asked Questions

An ideal growth rate will be around 15 and 25% annually.
Once businesses experience more than 15% growth per year, they’re usually considered to be experiencing rapid growth and may need to start investing more money to keep pace with the expansion.
Acquire New Customers. Increase Your Average Transaction Value. Increase Your Customer’s Frequency of Purchase.

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