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We've got the best solutions in the perfect strategy to help you grow in the medical industry.

Struggling to grow your patient-base?
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Our combined solutions are a cure-all for any medical field. From dentistry to orthodontics, general practitioners to optometrists, and everything in between, our high-converting marketing strategy is guaranteed to show you results.

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All pricing contingent on a 12 months contract 


Testing The Waters (30-50 leads per month)
R 3499 Monthly - Suggested R10 000 to platforms
  • GMB Listing for Practice
  • PPC Google Search Campaign
  • Social Media Paid Advertising
  • SEO Optimisation
  • 1 Landing Page
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Best For Growth (50 - 100 Leads a month)
R 12000 Monthly - Suggested R15 000 to Platforms
  • 5 Page Basic Website/Hosting/Maintenance
  • Off Page & On Page SEO
  • PPC Google Search Campaign
  • Display Remarketing Campaign
  • Social Media Ads + Social Remarking
  • 1 Monthly Newsletter from our Library
  • 2 Monthly Blog posts
  • Additional Content Creation
  • Dedicated Account Manager


The Premium Package (100+ leads a month)
R 18000 Monthly - Suggested R20 000 to platforms
  • 8 Page Website , Advanced Functionality
  • Hosting of Website/Maintenance and 8 Email Accounts
  • Extensive Digital Audits
  • Local, Off Page & On Page SEO
  • PPC Google Search Campaign
  • Display Remarketing Campaign
  • Social Media Ads + Social Remarketing
  • 2 Monthly Newsletters
  • Weekly Blog Posts
  • Additional Content Creation
  • Dedicated Account Manager


The use of multiple digital platforms for medical expansion is known as digital marketing. It entails using a number of strategies to accomplish a variety of objectives like brand awareness, recognition, lead generation, and conversion. Join forces with our agency to change your practice with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

​​It has been shown that medical professionals can increase their return on investment by using digital marketing. It also offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • The sourcing of  new clients
  • A trusted online reputation
  • A reduced cost of customer acquisition
  • An increase in inbound leads
  • Growth in local foot traffic
  • And increases customer loyalty

Join forces with our marketing firm to implement customized methods that will advance your business.

The platforms you use for your dental treatment campaigns and digital marketing strategy will determine this, as well as how well the person in charge understand the market. Paid advertisements typically instantly target new clients. However, it should be noted that real results are visible after 1-3 months. Digital Marketing shouldn't be seen as a strategy that generates instant results, but rather should be seen as an investment and long term strategy.

In a time where we live in a digital first world, it is quite important to have your brand communicate beyond the walls that it operates in. Through our Digital Marketing techniques we are able to create brand awareness for your practice and position it as an opinion leader in the industry which is going to act as a magnet for new patients.. The main benefit through techniques such as social media, Google and email marketing is to generate an ongoing demand for your medical services and gain the interest and trust of new patients. Essentially we help you expand your practice and rband through the digital world.

We carefully record, discuss, and analyze the results that our strategy brings about. To gauge your development and achievement, we consider a variety of figures and factors such as the traffic generated, the awareness increased and especially the conversions achieved. Our team's ultimate aim is  to seek new patients in order to increase your practice's turnover and supply new patients to you.

The short answer is no. However, the correct answer is that a website acts as a digital window where customers and partners can have a look into your practice. It is the foundation of your digital strategy as it also portrays your services and the value that you provide. It also earns your practice a lot of credibilities online if you have a well-established website. For web development, please reach out as we do also offer web design packages.

The POPI Act sets out the minimum standards regarding accessing and ‘processing’ any personal information belonging to another. The Act defines ‘processing’ as collecting, receiving, recording, organizing, retrieving, or the use, distribution or sharing of any such information. In essence, we believe in taking your data privacy very seriously and you also need to give us consent to access your data.

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How does a remarketing funnel work?

The tracking feature of a Facebook pixel allows us to identify bounced website visitors and target them directly through custom ads.

Custom ads are designed to drive already interested people to a specific landing page (often a page they’ve already visited) and down the marketing funnel into a successful conversion.

For Example:

  1. Your business was discovered by an interested person through either organic search, Google My Business, or social media. However this person didn’t take any action.
  2. The Facebook Pixel tracks the person who landed on your page but didn’t convert.
  3. A custom ad is created and targeted to these interested people via their Facebook feed and directs them back to your landing page.
  4. Now your CTA does the work and this traffic becomes a conversion.

Does this work for businesses that don’t use Facebook to target customers?

Yes, since many internet users access various platforms and browse the internet from one email address. So, even if your business doesn’t specifically market through the Facebook network, you can still benefit from the Facebook Pixel’s tracking functionality. Due to the amount of people using Facebook, chances are the person you want back is already on Facebook.

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