Let’s Talk About Memes And Marketing.
I love a good meme.
I’m sure you do too.
They’re entertaining and relatable.
Brief punctuations in the rapid flow of the internet.

But They Weren’t Always An Internet Thing.

They actually came from Richard Dawkins, who coined the term in 1976.
His definition was a reference to biological mannerisms and culture, but it’s translated into a popular internet “haha funny” thing.
Memes have now become the conveying of information from person to person and group to group, using media as the vehicle for said information, and altering it as it spreads.
You’ll often find that the original image isn’t as interesting as what it’s used to convey.

What Does That Have To Do With Marketing?

The key to clever marketing is being able to connect with your audience.
And meme marketing is a quick and effective way to connect with your audience.

What Do You Meme – Uh Mean?

I mean, dear reader, that a meme, when used properly, has the ability to:

  • Disarm your audience
  • Entertain your audience
  • Connect with your audience
  • Build a relationship with your audience

Those Are Some Great Meme Marketing Benefits.

Yes, they are.
But you must understand how your meme content will influence your ultimate goal – meme marketing.


Memes can be altered for better.
And for worse.

Pepe The Frog.

Originally used to portray the all-too-relatable feeling of internal disappointment, Pepe The Frog has since become synonymous with many not-so-nice things.
In fact, he’s now listed as a hate symbol on the Anti-Defamation League.

Memes Also Have Lifespans.

They only last for a short time and they have specific meanings.
So it’s essential to make the most of them when they’re around.
If you miss your window, you look out of touch.
Likewise, if you use a meme incorrectly, it doesn’t resonate with your audience.
But be warned.
While they’re great for connecting, some things have to be kept in mind.
Let’s look at some companies using memes for advertising.

How Brands Do It Effectively.

Companies using memes for marketing are very in-tune with their target market.
BarkBox is a great example. Their Instagram page is populated with memes all revolving around dogs and their enemies – squirrels.
It’s effective because it relates to their target market. That humour and relevance give them an immediate personality, something that’s really important.

Another Good Example Is

Chipotle. They do an excellent job with their social media posts.
They’ve successfully appealed to Gen-Zs, who are notoriously “ad-verse” (haha, “ad-verse” – I’m really proud of this.)

But Here’s The Thing.

Your meme content doesn’t always have to be related to your product.
If you can find a way to pop it in, then great.
But don’t let a good meme go to waste just because it can’t be used for meme marketing.
If it’s funny, then it’s funny – and that’s what will ultimately draw people in.
Even if it’s a bit strange.

Memes Can Be Tricky.

If you see a meme and you want to use it, make absolutely sure your audience will understand it.
A good meme is remembered
But so is a bad one.
If you’re unsure about what a meme means, you could always check out Know Your Meme.
You’ll find definitions and examples to ensure you have the best understanding before you create your meme.

And Speaking Of Creating,

Sites like imgflip let you create your own memes using existing templates or by creating your own.


Is meme marketing a thing?
The short answer is yes.
The long answer is also yes.
Meme marketing isn’t just a trend.
It’s become part of the lifeblood of internet culture.
Some of the most popular brands on social media today are companies using memes for advertising.


Because they don’t feel forced.
They don’t feel unnecessary.
They allow you to create a personality and fit into a group.
And they’re fun, to boot.

I Know I Talk About It Often,

But it’s really important to bear in mind the power of relevance.
If you want to have a presence in the future, you need to be relevant.
And the future of marketing lies with memes.
So if you want to be relevant, make use of memes.
If you can keep your finger on the pulse of trends (or use a specialist), you’ll skyrocket.

The Long And Short Of It.

When you boil it down, using memes in marketing is culture hacking.
If done properly, marketing with memes can be an incredibly effective, low-cost tool for organic growth.
Seeing as they’ve been around since the early 90s (Godwin’s Law is a personal favourite), it’s safe to say:

Memes Are Here To Stay.


(R.I.P Grumpy Cat)

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