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  • 1
    Visitor visits your website
  • 2
    Visitor is tracked
  • 3
    Visitor leaves your website
  • 4
    Facebook remarketing ad is displayed
  • 5
    Visitor returns to your website

How does a remarketing funnel work?

The tracking feature of a Facebook pixel allows us to identify bounced website visitors and target them directly through custom ads.

Custom ads are designed to drive already interested people to a specific landing page (often a page they’ve already visited) and down the marketing funnel into a successful conversion.

For Example:

  1. Your business was discovered by an interested person through either organic search, Google My Business, or social media. However this person didn’t take any action.
  2. The Facebook Pixel tracks the person who landed on your page but didn’t convert.
  3. A custom ad is created and targeted to these interested people via their Facebook feed and directs them back to your landing page.
  4. Now your CTA does the work and this traffic becomes a conversion.

Does this work for businesses that don’t use Facebook to target customers?

Yes, since many internet users access various platforms and browse the internet from one email address. So, even if your business doesn’t specifically market through the Facebook network, you can still benefit from the Facebook Pixel’s tracking functionality. Due to the amount of people using Facebook, chances are the person you want back is already on Facebook.

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