Three books with "POEM" in Venn diagram

I Love A Good Poem.
From classic to slam to blog posts about poetry, I think poems are just great.

Something Else I Love
Is a good POEM strategy.

“A POEM Strategy?”
Yes, dear reader.
A POEM Strategy.

Allow Me To Explain:
When it comes to digital marketing, there are different ways for us to get content out.

As I’m Sure You’ve Noticed, 
POEM is in all-caps, which means that it’s not just a word.
It is, in fact, an acronym.

POEM Stands For 
Paid, Owned and Earned media.
Each has its own function and purpose.
And we’re going to have a look at each of them.

Paid Media
Is anything which allows you to pick a place and pay for your content to be there.
Think PPC and sponsored posts.
It’s a great way to get yourself noticed by reaching your target audience quickly and see quick returns.
But, it does require you to follow some very specific guidelines.

Owned Media 
Is anything that’s… well, owned by the company.
Think company websites and blogs.
The kind of things that the company doesn’t necessarily need to boost through funds and gives you more control over what kind of content you put out.
But, it does require maintenance (through the use of things like SEO).

Earned Media 
Is a natural spreading of your presence.
It’s like a combination of the exposure you get from Paid media and organic Owned media content.
It allows you to passively grow your presence.
But, it isn’t something you can really control.

The Big Thing 
With the POEM strategy is that it’s like an actual poem.

When You Combine Them, 
When your Paid media gets enough attention,
Amplifies your Owned media.
And ends up as Earned media…
It becomes something More.

It Becomes A POEM.

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