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In E-Commerce,
Many people think that the goal is to ensure that a customer purchases something from their site.
While many are satisfied with that, the real work actually begins after that purchase is complete.
People rarely buy just one product online, and making sure that you provide them with an experience post-purchase that makes them feel acknowledged is often the best way to keep them coming back again and again.

Follow Up
The importance of communication tools such as emails can’t be overemphasised in this instance. It’s vital that you let the customer know that you’re keeping them in mind, and that they’re not just another number to you. Follow up purchases with things such as thank you mailers and feedback forms to let them know that you want to improve, and you want their help to do so.

Offer Discounts
One of the best ways to remain at the forefront of the customer’s mind is to offer them discount codes and coupons for completing purchases, leaving reviews and completing surveys.
Not only does it incentivise them to come back, but it provides you with useful information to improve what works, and fix what doesn’t.
It also creates an enhanced purchase experience for the customer and gives them a reason to remember you after purchase.

Have A Refund And Return Policy
One of the biggest things many people look for before purchasing is whether or not they can return or refund their purchase if they’re not satisfied with it.
By offering this policy, you create a sense of transparency, place trust in your products, give your customers peace of mind by showing them that the purchase isn’t necessarily set in stone, and that, post purchase, they don’t have to feel pressured by their decision.

Offer Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are far and away one of the best ways to get customers coming back.
Offering points which can be accumulated and redeemed for discounts and other goodies is wildly successful in retaining customers post purchase. 

Keep Them In The Loop
Something which big names such as Amazon do is to keep customers informed of the progress of their packages after purchase.
By doing this, they keep the customer informed and in the loop, meaning that they never have to wonder where their goodies are. 

The best post-purchase strategies are the ones that keep your customers in the loop, and break down the walls between you and your consumer.
People want to feel related to, and they want to feel like they’re interacting with a company that sees them as a person.
Ultimately, if you want to retain your customers, go out of your way to keep them informed of what happens, make them feel special, and ask for their feedback.

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