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Privacy Policy

Last updated 16/03/2023

Hi there! We see you’re checking out the privacy policy.

We understand how important privacy is, which is why we went above and beyond just using a standard template. Don’t worry, we’ve made sure to follow all laws and regulations regarding personal privacy.
Ready? Let’s hop in!

What We Know

The only information we collect is info you provide to us when working with us and the standard information your device sends to us while you’re on our site.

The Low-Down

When you visit our site, our servers have to log some standard information that your web browser gives us.
This includes things like your Internet Protocol address (also known as your IP), the type and version of browser you use, the pages you decide to visit, the time and date you access those pages, the time you spend on the page and other technical details (like errors you might run into) in order to give you the best possible experience while you’re visiting our site.
While the information we collect isn’t personally identifying, it could be combined with other data to identify people if need be.

What About The Info?

We collect some information when you interact with the site in some ways, such as:
Accessing the site using a mobile device and/or web browser.
Contacting us by email, social media, and so on.
When you say hello to us on social media.

We might need to keep that information and share it with certain third parties for the purposes of things that we can’t always do ourselves, like payment processes, or in certain legal situations where that information is legally requested.

How Secure Is It?

While we only take the bare minimum, we ensure that we do everything possible to protect that information. We only keep it for as long as needed, after which we make it anonymous by removing any identifying information (unless we’re required to retain it for legal, accounting or reporting in the interest of the public, science, history or research purposes.)

International Transfers

The info you provide to us is stored and/or processed wherever our partners and third-party providers are situated.
While we follow all laws and regulations here, we can’t guarantee that the laws are the same globally.
If we do need to transfer any information to other countries, we’ll make sure we follow all of the necessary steps and protect that information in the way we laid out earlier.

Your Rights And Control

While we do store information, you are always allowed to withhold information from us, though that may impact your experience while visiting our website. You’re also always allowed to request any personal information we have about you.
If we receive any personal information from a third-party, we’ll make sure we protect it as we’ve outlined above. If you’re a third-party that’s providing us with that information, then you’ll be held accountable for having the right to share that information with the person’s consent.

If you previously agreed to let us use your personal information, you’re welcome to change your mind at any point. You’ll always be able to unsubscribe from our email list and other communications.
Because we care about your privacy, we might request that you provide some verification in order to confirm your identity before unsubscribing.

If you think the information you’ve given to us is out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please feel free to contact us using the details at the bottom of this page. We’ll make sure to correct any incorrect information.
If you feel that we’ve breached any relevant data protection laws, please contact us. If you’d like to make a complaint. We’ll ensure we do a fast (and thorough) investigation of the complaint and respond in writing, giving you the outcome of our investigation, as well as the steps we followed to reach that conclusion.
You’re always welcome to contact a regulatory body or data protection authority about your complaint.

Mmmm, Cookies

Not the chocolate-chip ones, these cookies are used to collect information about you and what you do on our site. There’s nothing to worry about. These are completely harmless little bits of data that help us make your experience better. It doesn’t do anything outside of our site.

Push It To The Limit

Our website may link to external sites. Please understand that these sites aren’t operated by us, and we have no control over what they say and/or do. As a result, we can’t be held accountable for anything that happens as a result of accessing that site.
A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

We may need to change the policy from time to time to keep it up-to-date, and to make sure it reflects our business processes. If we decide to make any changes, we’ll make sure to post them to the same link you used to get to this page.
If we’re required to, we’ll ask for your permission to give you the chance to opt in (and out) of any new uses of your personal info.

Contact Us!
If you have any questions about our privacy policy or concerns about your privacy, please feel free to reach out to us at:
Unit 104, Paardevlei Rising 2, 10 Gardner Williams Ave, Paardevlei, Somerset West, 7130, South Africa
Company Number: 13334868 VAT No.: 378 5684 34
Phone: +27 21 852 1305
Email: hello@klicksense.com