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Artificial Intelligence 
Has long been a highly debated topic.
Some people love it, some… not so much.

But It’s Impossible To Deny 
That AI has had a huge impact in our lives.

And, Since 
Digital marketing is something based almost entirely around the use of technology…

It Would Make Sense
To talk about the impact of AI on digital marketing.

Which We’re About To Do…
Right now!

The Core Aspect
Of AI is the fact that it learns, changing and shifting to fit what it knows.

A Great Example
Is the autocorrect function on a keyboard.
When it sees a mistake, it’ll point it out and offer an alternative word.

When It Comes To The Impact Of AI On Digital Marketing,
It goes a step further than that.

Because The Kind Of AI That Impacts Our Work 
Are the processes that quietly run in the background.

Processes Like
Google (Or Bing. We don’t judge) showing search results based off of your past searches.

While It’s Great Because
It’s been designed to make the process of searching more convenient for you,

It’s Also Really Helpful For Digital Marketers.
Because it allows us to make sure that, if a product would suit you, that you can see it.

It’s Done A Great Job 
Helping digital marketers connect to people by finding the right hashtags and using the right keywords to make things… well, easier.

But, Like All Things, It Has Limits. 
We have AI software that helps narrow down target markets and optimises direct marketing.

But There’s Also 
The phenomenon of smart content AI.
The kind of software that writes articles and creates visuals.

And It’s Very Good 
At mimicry.

But It’s Not Very Good 
At being unique.
The thing with AI is that, while it learns, it needs something to learn from.

The Impact Of AI In Digital Marketing
Is that it can skyrocket growth and simplify processes.

If it’s used alongside digital marketers themselves.

When We Hear The Term, “AI”, 
Many people think of machines that learn and eventually outperform people, like a movie.

The Truth 
Is that AI isn’t always massive supercomputers that learn to play chess.

Sometimes It Can Be As Simple
As a little red line underneath a misspelled word when you make a mistake.

Will AI Ever Take Over Digital Marketing?
It’s doubtful.
Work may change, but it’ll still be work.
It’ll just mean less time sifting through customers and more time marketing to them.

I Like To Think 
That humans aren’t always logical, and that’s what makes us human.
And that’s something you can’t really program into a machine.

So, Looking At AI In Digital Marketing, 
It’s safe to say that it’s made the hard stuff easier to do,

And Given Us More Time 
To take our truly unique capacity to be human.

And To Share That With Other Humans.



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