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One Quiet Day
In 1971, a gent by the name of Ray Tomlinson brought into the world electronic mail.

And That Changed Everything.
Much like the pop-up ad, nobody really could have foreseen the effect it would have on the digital world.
(Tomlinson didn’t apologise for his creation, though).

But It Made Waves.
In every aspect, emails became an impactful aspect of communication.

And That Became A Powerful Tool In
Digital marketing.

More Specifically,
Email marketing.

And, Despite How Long It’s Been Around,
The importance of email marketing hasn’t dropped in any way, shape or form.
If anything, it’s become even more important.

When Finding Blog Topics,
I was struck with an internal question:

“Why Is Email Marketing Important?”
And I can safely say that there are a fair few reasons why.
Reasons that we’re going to look into now, actually.

Let’s go!

Getting Personal.
Any good email marketing strategy will capitalise on the one advantage it has over other types of marketing: personalisation.

Email marketing is something that can be customised to directly talk to whoever is reading it, down to the recipient’s name.

That’s Pretty Powerful
Because it means that you can build stronger relationships with your audience.

But Wait, There’s More.
Email marketing is also a really good way to remain in the mind of whoever has given you their email address.
People regularly check their emails, which means you have a good chance to greet them with information or offers that’ll pique their interests.

Keeping Them In The Loop.
It’s a great way to funnel your viewers back into the loop if their attention is focused on something else – like a competitor.

Make Sense Without Sacrificing Cents.
Here’s another nifty point about today’s topic:
It’s really, really cost-effective.
There isn’t really any other kind of digital or physical marketing that can compete with the ROI that you’d get from email marketing.

So It’s Cost Effective And Customisable. What Else?
It’s also a fantastic way to A/B test copy, visuals and offers.
By following click-through rates based on visuals and headlines, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t without running a huge risk of losing viewers.

But It’s Not All Sunshine And Opened Emails.
Something which I’ve seen far too often is the mentality of: “I have this email now, I win.”

And It Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth.
Getting those personal details isn’t a right, and it’s your responsibility to reassure whoever you’re interacting with feels like it’s a worthwhile interaction for them.
Customising your emails doesn’t end with the first name.
It’s about every little thing they see when they open that email.
The email address;
The visual;
The copy;
The unsubscribe button.

You’re Connecting With People In A Different Way,
And you have to remember that before you send out anything.

It’s Really Easy
To buy audiences and email addresses.
But it doesn’t achieve anything.
As always, it’s a case of quality over quantity.

A While Back
I wrote about the best social media platforms for different brands.
On the list of social media platforms available was the well-known Reddit.

“What Does Reddit Have To Do With This Blog, Writer Man?”
Because Reddit follows the same process of growth as email marketing.
You have to earn your reputation. And you have to keep on earning it once you’ve got it.

Ray Tomlinson
Gave us something fantastic when he brought emails to life.
It’s low-cost, easy to do, a great way to research, amazing for user retention and one of the best ways to connect with consumers.

But That Was 1971.
And this is 2021.
Which begs the question:

“Is Email Marketing Still Important In 2021?”
Obviously, this depends on the industry you work in, but it is.

People Spend So Much Time
On dark social platforms like WhatsApp.

And That’s Where They’re Most Receptive.
Which is why the importance of email marketing lies in the fact that it’s the closest we can get to reaching out to people without following them around. Which is weird.

Instead of following people around, if you find yourself in the position of being able to create an email marketing strategy and send it out to your mailing list, make sure it’s interesting. Make sure it’s worthwhile;
Make sure people want to read it.

And, As Always,
Have fun with it.
If you enjoy creating it, people will enjoy viewing it.

This Blog Post Will Go Out Via Email, Too.
Which is pretty trippy if you think about it.

But I Digress.
Email marketing is a misleading term.
Because it isn’t just another way to market to people.
It’s a way to connect with people.

And That’s What It’s All About, After All.

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