the importance of franchise marketing

When it comes to business, nothing showcases the power of a successful business model quite like franchises.
While it’s important to have a great location for your franchise, the importance of franchise marketing can’t be understated.
The real power lies not in where you are, but in how people find you.
We’ve got some franchise marketing tips to help you ensure that your franchise stands out – and hopefully give you some franchise marketing ideas along the way!

The Importance Of Franchise Marketing – How To Make Your Franchise Stand Out


  • Focus On Local SEO

Because franchises are based in various locations, it’s vital that you focus on building up your Google My Business listings, local content, listings in online directories, social media profiles, and links from other local companies to ensure that you show up to anybody looking for businesses that offer the services your franchise does.


  • Look At PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is vital for any business, but it’s one of the core pillars that show the importance of franchise marketing.
While it can seem costly and daunting, partnering with experts can show you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your name up there on the first page of search results, ultimately driving traffic to your site, and your business.


  • Consider Content Marketing

One of the most underrated franchise marketing ideas, content marketing is a great way to build both a local and online presence. Blog posts, infographics, guides and videos are great ways to establish trust with potential customers.
It’ll position you as experts in your field – be it food, tech, or anything in between.


  • Engage On Social Media

This one is absolutely vital. In a previous post on social media personalities, we established that franchises that engage with their followers are significantly more likely to build a reputation as the go-to location for whatever product or service you offer.
Not only that, but it gives you an opportunity to establish a unique personality, something which is crucial in distinguishing yourself from others, and only further emphasises the importance of franchise marketing.
It can be fun, too.


  • Leverage Email Marketing

Franchises – especially newer ones – stand to benefit greatly by making use of email marketing.
This is doubly true for franchises that find people coming from far away to make use of your services.
Using branches that have big databases is a great franchise marketing idea, and offers an opportunity to set up a grand opening announcement which many people are sure to notice.


  • Evaluate Your Online And Physical Designs

The importance of franchise marketing in a digital sense is crucial. Still, it doesn’t end there – it could be a good idea to look at your physical location’s design as well.
Is it fun?
Does it offer something that resonates with locals?
Would it bring them back?
Don’t be scared to push the boundaries by focusing on creating a fun, welcoming environment that people want to be in.
Additionally, it could also be a good idea to look at your website’s design. If it’s slow or out of date, it could be time to look at investing in a refresh.


  • Manage Your Online Reputation

This doesn’t just apply to social media management.
Feedback and reviews from customers can make or break a branch’s success, and it’s important that you focus on responding to reviews – both good and bad – as well as asking customers to leave some reviews to build your local listing reputation.



As we said earlier, the importance of franchise marketing can’t be understated, and many franchisors don’t invest the time, money or energy into ensuring that every branch has a sense of belonging wherever it might be.
While an online presence is important (seriously important), franchise marketing ideas don’t need to focus on that alone.
Ask others for their thoughts and feelings.
And have fun with it.
Then other people will have fun too.

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