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If you enter the world of SEO, you’ll probably hear “keyword” a fair amount, and you may be unsure why it’s such a buzzword.

Well, it’s because keywords make up the backbone of search engine optimisation.

So, what are keywords in SEO, and what makes them so important?

Let’s see.

What Are Keywords, And Why Are They Important?

Keywords are the words or phrases people enter into search engines.

When using keywords, you’ve got to put relevant keywords on your pages to ensure that your page is crawled by Google and put into the roster of relevant results.

The Different Kinds Of Keywords

Generally, keywords can be split into two categories: singular, and long-tail keywords.

What Are Singular Keywords?

As the name implies, singular keywords are a single word which people search for (“Dog”, for example).

They’re often easier to fit onto a page, but they’re harder to rank for, since so many people are looking to use them.

What Are Long-tail Keywords?

Also known as “keyphrases”, long-tail keywords consist of more than one word.

For example, “keywords” is a singular keyword, while “the importance of keywords” would be a long-tail keyword.

They’re used less, but can be a great way to help your ranking if used correctly, especially if they consist of 3 or more words.

How Do I Figure Out What Keywords To Use?

As with all things SEO-related, it’s important to make sure that your keywords are, above all, relevant.

It doesn’t help using “dog” as a keyword when your website is all about cats.

How Do I Incorporate Keywords Into My Site?

It’s also important to make sure that the keywords you’re using are ones that you can comfortably sprinkle into your copy.

If you try to force it in, it won’t sit comfortably, and the reader will notice how it stands out awkwardly.

This technique also easily becomes blackhat SEO – which can result in your site being penalised by Google, ultimately hurting your rankings.

You should also make sure that your keywords are in the right place.

Unique keywords should be where both bots and people would look to reassure them that you’ve got what they want.

This includes keywords in title tags, the body of your content, and the URL, among other things.
Using keywords in places like this is the most basic (and effective way) to show bots what you’re offering. 

Where Do I Begin?

Keyword research and keyword mapping isn’t easy, and learning the ins and outs of SEO isn’t a small feat.

It takes hours of learning and a lot of frustration.

If you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to look at hiring specialists to get the job done for you.

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