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Abandoned Carts Are The Bane Of E-Commerce.
Abandoned carts are one of the biggest revenue killers that most e-commerce companies suffer from.
When the
average abandonment rate across all industries is at 69%, it’s clear that there’s a real value in understanding the importance of retrieving abandoned carts.


What Are Some Reasons For Cart Abandonment?
On the whole, people abandon carts for a myriad of reasons, but the big ones are:

  1. Lack of trust with the website
  2. Forgetting their cart exists
  3. A loyalty to a specific brand
  4. Not being ready to buy
  5. Wanting to compare prices

Most customers will have an online cart for 10 minutes before checking out. After that time, many people will forget about their purchase or no longer feel like making a purchase.

Why Is It Important To Retrieve Abandoned Carts?
It’s important to keep in mind that all of this is done for the sake of customer convenience.
Overall, it’s important to retrieve abandoned carts because it’s going to keep them coming back for more than one purchase – there’s a post about the importance of that over here

Customised Offers
In a world of generic reminder mails, knowing what your customer was looking at allows you to create custom message offers, and even to offer them something else they may not have known about (or may have been looking for).
On top of that, it speeds up the process of shopping for them, adding on an extra level of convenience – which is the big factor in why people shop online in the first place.

Chance To Learn
It also gives you the opportunity to look at what the customer had in their cart before they left. If you have multiple abandoned carts with the same items, it could be time to look at their pages and see if something happened to dampen their shopping experience. It’s a good chance to look at what isn’t working, and to ask yourself if something can be fixed.

There’s one more reason why it’s important to retrieve abandoned carts.
If you take that information, and use reminders to keep in touch with potential customers, you create a bond between yourself and them.
Many people will continue to shop with a specific company when they feel a sense of loyalty. If you can prove to them that you care, and that you notice them, it’s going to give you results quickly.


The importance of retrieving abandoned carts can’t be understated. Letting them lie there is allowing potential profits to leak out like air out of a punctured tyre.
Keeping your wits (and carts) about you will allow you to focus on what’s important: the customer.
It’s easy to set up a generic e-commerce site nowadays, which is why the customisation, convenience and humanity is so vital in setting you apart from everybody else, and keep customers coming back.


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