The Paradox Of Bad Content - So Bad It's Good.

Something I Never Understood
When I was young (well, younger) was being marked on my ability to write creative stories, and my ability to analyse poetry.

And It Bothered Me
Because I didn’t (and still don’t) understand why there’s a “right” way to analyse self-expression.

And That Extends
To content marketing.

I’m A Firm Believer That
Good content marketing is something born out of passion above all else.
And that should show in the content that results.

And That Brings Us To Today’s Topic.
And what a topic it is indeed.

Firstly, It Depends
On what you’d define as “bad” and what you’d define as “good”.
For the sake of brevity, though, I’ll define it like this:

“Good” Content
Is high quality, polished content. This content is flawless, and goes out at the perfect time.
It’s thought out, well designed and cleverly assembled.

“Bad” Content
Is low quality content. It’s not polished. It goes out at awkward times. It could contain mistakes. It’s the kind of stuff that’s posted on the fly. No filters, no editing.

Now, While “Good” Content
Does well, it’ll never do amazingly.
And there’s a very simple reason for that.

It’s The Reason That
Searching for “epic motorbike stunt” on YouTube would show you that the most watched video has 22 million views.
Which is pretty impressive.

Searching for “motorbike fail”, shows you the most watched video sporting 43 million views, which isn’t nearly as clean or polished as the former.

It’s The Reason That
Livestreaming is so popular.

And It’s The Reason That
Personal social media accounts almost always have better metrics than a business account would.

It Reveals A Willingness To Be Vulnerable.
I’m sure we’ve all seen a video taken from a shoddy phone camera of a toddler trying to walk and falling over.

And It Sparks Something Within Us.
Because that video was taken (and shared) by somebody who was so excited to share this moment or experience that they threw caution (and any sort of content marketing strategy) to the wind.
And they did it without standing to gain much – if anything.

There’s Been A Recent Rise
In the application of artificial intelligence to create content.
It’s good content. Sometimes it’s great content.
It’s never bad content.

But That’s The Problem.
It’ll never be bad.
It’ll never have any flaws or inconsistencies.

I’ve Been Hammering On Without Giving The Reason,
So I’ll get to the point.

The Reason
“Bad” content does better is because it brings us down to a level that others can relate to.

We Can All
Admire somebody’s accomplishments.

We can all relate to somebody making a mistake.
Any typo, any inconsistency, any sense of humanity shines through so much more, especially in the digital age – an age of aesthetic and high-quality content.

It’s Refreshing.
It’s fun.
It’s emotional.

And Above All
It’s human.

I’ve Spoken About
The importance of having fun with content creation, and this is exactly why.
Being good at something is impressive, and it’s a valuable skill.
But enjoying something… well, that’s something we can’t learn.
And it’s priceless.

I Never Did Well
When it came to being marked on my ability to write essays or analyse things.

And Now,
I’m writing blog posts for a digital marketing agency.

And The People Around Me Enjoy It.
Even if it makes them roll their eyes.
It still makes them smile.
And it still gets shared with you.
Just like memes, it’s not always good content.
But I think that’s what makes it good.

This Blog Topic
Had no competitor articles.
And I don’t know if it’ll do well.

But It Was A Fun Topic.
I enjoyed writing it.
And I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it.
And I hope it makes you laugh.
Or exhale out of your nose at a time that is inconvenient.
Because that’ll make others smile too.
And that’s the point of it all.

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