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Conversions Are
A crucial part of every company’s success, and the ideal ending to a trip on your website.

A Conversion
Can be anything from purchasing something to getting people to sign up to your weekly mailer.

The Point
Is to get somebody visiting your site (that’s traffic) and clicking somewhere that you want them to.

But Commercial Conversions
Are centred around converting traffic into purchases (see what I did there?).

And Today’s Post, Dear Reader,
Is all about exactly how you can herd those clicks and taps somewhere and turn them into conversions.

Let’s Increase Commercial Conversions
Onward! (Or downward for reading purposes – not conversions).

A term our fiery redhead loves to use:

Optimise your website. This is the very first (and absolutely) most important aspect.

You Could Have
The most amazing site, but if it’s got slow load times, you won’t increase your commercial conversions. Or vice versa, you could have an amazing product or service, but if your site isn’t nice to look at and navigate, chances are users will bounce. 

That Extends To
Mobile optimisation, too.
Everything’s going mobile (if it hasn’t already), so making sure you’re on-board is going to skyrocket conversions. This includes basics like touch-tap targets. 

Alright, So,
Now you’ve got your optimised website, it’s time to look at where you’ll plan on placing your CTA (or call-to-action).
While it’s important to have a really good CTA, making sure it’s in the right place is important.

A Clever Tip:
Is to place your button somewhere that feels natural.

You could just break the mould entirely and put it somewhere unexpected (but not difficult to find).
If it doesn’t work, you can move it around until it works best for your customer journey.
Don’t be afraid to go against trends and do something different – this is how you stand out. 

I’m Not A Fan Of
Compulsory sign-up pages.
But I understand the purpose of it for commercial sites.
Gotta make sure the person’s legit, after all.

But That Email They Give You
Is one of the most powerful things you have in your arsenal.

If You Keep Track Of
What the viewer looks at while they’re online, you can email them and follow up. Another way to do this is through heat map plugins like Hotjar – which allows you to track which aspects or areas on your website users spend the most time on.
Make sure they remember you – and if you space them out, they won’t get annoyed by it.

The Other Thing That Helps
Is customer reviews.

See, The Thing Is
That people trust people.
That’s why you see sites like Amazon make use of customer reviews.

It’s A Genius Way
Of disconnecting yourself and offering neutral perspectives.
It adds a level of credibility.
And can seriously increase commercial conversions.

The Function
Of all of the things we’ve just covered, dear reader, is to show you what works.

But, Like All Good Things,
It’s most effective when it all works together to create a pleasant user experience all-round.

If I Could Sum It Up:
Think about what kind of experience you’d like to have.
If it’s not what your site offers, then it’s time to change it up.

The Less They Have To Do,
The more likely they are to convert.

Quite Simple, Really. 





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