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Alright, So
This topic will be a bit different. But I’ve managed (somehow) to convince my boss that this blog post would work, so here we are.

And I’m Glad To Be Back.
Even though I’m only here for this post before the interns take over again, I’m here to write. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’ve Been Thinking.
Brooding, even, about how digital marketing is kind of like rock music.

“Digital Marketing? Why? What?”
Or, for the sake of keywords, “digital marketing why”.

And I Shall Tell You Why!
Because, if you take a step back.
Lean your head to the right.
And turn around.
Digital marketing is basically rock.

The Criteria You Follow
Is basically the same.
Hard work, late nights, long hours, and people only really remember the final product, which is a Far Cry from what people expect.
And because this is another relevant point (and, once again fills in a keyword spot), people often underestimate or misunderstand the importance of digital marketing.

And That’s Sorta Where It Ends
In terms of relation.

But It Doesn’t Need To Be.
Because I Love Rock ‘N Roll (and digital marketing), I believe there’s more to it.
With a bit more squinting.
A touch less tilting.
And turning back around,
We can find the links between the two.

Let’s rock and roll.

Getting To Work
I mentioned earlier that there’s a lot of long hours and hard work involved in the creation of the final products in rock and digital marketing alike.

But That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean
That the final product is polished (or even good).
The point I’m making here is that many of the best rock bands in the world can go through extended periods of quiet while they work on a project because they want to release something they’re proud of.

And That Extends To Digital Marketing.
When working on any campaign, it’s natural to feel the pressure of deadlines.
But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice.
The best campaigns, the best songs, the best things, in general, all take time, care, and a Whole Lotta Love.

People Aren’t Blind
And they definitely aren’t stupid.
If you don’t care about the work you put out, people won’t care about the work you put in.

And On That Note (Get It? Music. Note. Haha)
We can transition to the next point.

Far Too Many Ads And Posts
Follow the same template.
They’ve been recycled.
The stubbornness and refusal to present a product they’re not proud of is something we could all take note of, but this is especially true in the sphere of digital marketing.

Paving The Way.
If you talk about bands like The Beatles, you see that the reason they stood out is because they refused to conform.
They did their own thing in their own way.

Sometimes You’ve Got To Go Your Own Way
To reach the same level as those you copy.
While things remain on the Internet forever, it doesn’t mean people remember it.
Experiment with it.
Make it your own.

Say What You Mean
In many a rock song, much of the story is told by the lyrics.
The story is coherent, it includes everything essential to bring across feeling.
And for whatever isn’t sung?
Well, that’s where the solo comes in.

And That Template Works In Digital Marketing, Too.
Firstly, don’t Ramble On.
Imagine you’ve got 5 seconds to explain a story to somebody.
How would you do that?
That’s how it works in digital marketing.
The copy functions as the lyrics.
And anything that isn’t explained by that?
Your visual comes in.

Just Like In Rock,
Your copy and your visual are designed to express a feeling.
That’s how you relate to your audience.
And for whatever you can’t say, make sure your visual can carry the story for you.

The Last Point
For this post is probably the most important one.
It sort of ties things together.

There’s A Lot To Be Said
About having a unique personality online.

But There’s So Much More To It.
It’s passion.
It’s resilience.
It’s a straight-up refusal to go against what you believe in.
It’s an ignorance for paycheques.
It’s an ignorance for hours.
And it’s an understanding.

An Understanding That There Are
Rare occasions where things go viral.

But, Chances Are
You won’t be an Overnight Sensation.
Digital marketers often spend hours making the things you think are simple.
The Nike tagline didn’t happen overnight.
Much like rock, It’s A Long Way To The Top if you want to succeed.

For Every
Post, there are countless discarded rough drafts.

For Every
Song, there are countless discarded chord sheets.

When you find the right draft.
The right chord sheet.
The right way to express things.
You feel a feeling that’s pretty intense.
And you’ll notice that you Can’t Help Falling In Love
With the thing that took you so long to do.
And it’ll show to whoever sees it.
Because, as I say far too much…

You’ve Got To Have Fun With It
And you’ve got to make it human.

If There’s Anything To Learn
Even if it’s just one thing, let it be this:
It’s not easy.
You may have to stay up late.
You may have to work over your weekend.
On Sunday (Bloody Sunday).
But once you see that it’s more than just A Job To Do, (and if you Don’t Stop Believin’)…
You’ll see results that leave you Thunderstruck!

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