Cupcake with Facebook likes sprinkled on

Let’s talk about digital marketing vs. social media marketing.

For The Sake Of Clarity
And because I’m hungry, I’m going to use food as an analogy.
Imagine a metaphorical cupcake.
That’d be digital marketing.
Now imagine the metaphorical icing on the metaphorical cupcake.
That’d be social media marketing.

Making Sense? Let’s Dig In.
Cupcakes are pretty versatile. They’re good for many occasions.
Just like digital marketing is a versatile approach to marketing as a whole.
It works in the offline world as well and encompasses other avenues that work to promote your digital presence through mediums like TV, mobile ads, and so on.

But, Plain Icing
Is much more limited in how you could use it.
Which is like social media marketing, which is a much more limited approach.
It’s bound to social media platforms (here are 103 of them if you were unsure).

So, When Digital & Social Media Marketing Combine
You get a delicious final product.

Now That We’ve Simplified Things,
Let’s have a look at the differences between digital & social media marketing.

In The Clash Of Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing
It’d depend entirely on the context of what you need to market.
Allow me to explain.

Let’s Use
Etsy as an example.
If you wanted to get some attention to the website itself, you’d focus on inviting more people to the party (Wait for it…).
How do you get people to come to a party?

That’s Right.
More specifically…

You can entice those who are unsure by pointing out a specific through the icing.
See how this is all tying together?
Pretty clever, right?

Analogies Aside
There are some people who might be asking,
“Writer Man! What’s the difference between digital media and social media?”

Let’s Get Digital (Media).
Digital media is a term used to refer to anything that has an impact on people through a screen.
This would include anything from memes to GIFs to video games. If it comes from a screen, it’s digital media.

Social Media, On The Other Hand,
Refers exclusively to videos, images etc. that are shared on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If it’s not on a social platform, it’s not social media.

“Writer Man! What Is Better? Social Media Marketing Or Digital Marketing?”
That’s a great (if oddly specific question).
While all social media marketing is digital marketing, not all digital marketing is social media marketing.
You may already have a cupcake and only need the icing.
Or you may need the cupcake with icing on top.
As a general rule of thumb, the best way to figure it out would be to ask an agency.

When It Comes To
Digital media vs. social media, it ties in with whether you want a cupcake or just the icing.
There is a time and place for each, but it never hurts to start with digital marketing, whittling yourself down to just social media marketing if you need it. Icing can be used on more than just cupcakes, so sometimes it’s all we need.

There Really Isn’t A “Winner” Or “Loser”
And there’s no wrong decision.
It’s dependent on your brand, and it’s entirely up to you.

And That, Folks
Is the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing, all wrapp(er)ed up.

If You’re Hungry For More,
You’re welcome to have a look at the other blogs we have up. They’re pretty good.

Now, If You’ll Excuse Me
I’m going to go find a cupcake.

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