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Digital Marketing Campaigns Are Like A Plug.*
In order for it to work, it needs to have all of its needed working parts.

And, Of Course,
It needs prongs.
I dunno if you’ve ever tried to use a plug that’s missing a prong, but it doesn’t really work.
Literally. It won’t work.
At all.

I’m Not An Electrician,
Or a plug expert by any means, but I think that using plugs as an analogy for the sake of this article would be a good idea.

For The Sake Of Metaphor,
We’ll be using three prong plugs, because… well, there are three prongs for most (if not all) successful digital marketing campaigns.

Our Three Prongs Are

  • Where
  • Who
  • What

So, Without Further Ado,
Let’s hop right in.

Prong Number One
Is where.
We can’t set the scene for a campaign if we haven’t figured out what the scene is, now can we?

As Mentioned In A Previous Blog,
Digital marketing extends across anything in the digital sphere.
If it comes through a screen, it’s digital marketing.
So, there are a fair few channels to go through.
And digital marketing success starts with knowing where you’re going to digitally market.

You Need To Choose A Medium And Platform
For two reasons:
Firstly, it’ll help you narrow down your efforts.
And secondly, it’ll allow you to focus those newly narrowed efforts into creating the optimal campaign.

Choosing the best platform only works if you know…

Who You’re Marketing To.
In comes prong number 2.
Your target audience.
It’s pretty important to know who you’re marketing to, because they use different platforms in different ways, and sometimes they don’t use some platforms at all.
(Though, nobody could use Facebook recently.)

And That Brings Us To Prong Number 3
That’d be your what.
To paraphrase George Orwell:
“All prongs are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

What I Mean Is That,
While all of these prongs are important (and they have to be together to function), this would be the top prong.

At The Core Of Your Campaign
Is your message.
It needs to be clear, relevant, and (most importantly) it has to be interesting.

Now, When You Put Them All Together, You Can See How They Connect.
You need a solid message (prong 1) on the right platform (prong 2) to appeal to your target market (prong 3).

We Do, Of Course,
Have to identify the wires involved in successful digital marketing campaigns.

While Your Prongs Are Important,
Digital marketing success is the sum of its parts.
Those parts also include the wiring.

(Don’t) Cut The Red Wire.
Your wiring would consist of things like your team, your budget, and your time-frame.
Make sure they’re long enough to make a connection with your prongs and allow for the transfer of information.

The Elements Of A Successful Campaign
And something which is evident in the best digital campaigns is something which we haven’t discussed today.

There’s a genuine love and passion for what’s being said.
Whether it’s sustainability or challenging gender norms (what), every avenue was carefully considered (where) to find out which one is best for their target market. (who)

There’s A Lot More That I Could Say About This,
But I’d be harping over the same thing.

If You Take Anything Away From This,
Let it be this:
Having a cause, no matter how powerful, won’t work if the plug isn’t correctly assembled.

If You’re Unsure About It
(And I wouldn’t blame you. It’s a tricky thing to handle.) You could always work with digital marketing specialists (see how I “plugged” our services there?)

There’s No One Size Fits All
When it comes to what makes a successful digital marketing campaign.
Every plug has to fit into the socket, after all.
But this is a universal adapter of sorts.

I Sincerely Hope
That you’ve got some more insight as to what makes digital marketing campaigns (and plugs) work.
And if you have any more questions, give us a shout.
We’re always happy to help with the wiring.

*Please don’t take any electrical advice from me. 

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