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The Golden Rules of Digital Media Marketing 

The Golden Rules To Digital Marketing

As a business, you want your marketing to say: “We’re here, and we’re loud and we’re proud”. Every business needs an online presence and a digital voice to reach its target audience and stand out from the competitors. But there is a fine balance between creating a strong brand identity and not, well, annoying our followers to the point of an unfollow or a quick swipe past. 

That’s why KlickSense has the dos and don’ts of digital marketing etiquette so that you can find the sweet spot between getting noticed and the power of subtlety. 

KlickSense’s guide to digital marketing etiquette 

Digital marketing’s number one golden rule is doing it the right way. You can post on Instagram every day, spending thousands and then some on PPC (pay-per-click) adverts, and any other digital marketing tool. But if you don’t have the correct approach, no fruit of success will come to bear. 

Following the golden rules of marketing will help you reach your target audience and grow while remaining a credible and respected brand.

Keep it real 

You’ve probably seen everyone going on about ‘authenticity’ and ‘personalisation’ within digital marketing. Although it might seem repetitive, it is an essential component for a business to successfully market its brand. 

Why? Consumers are more trusting of a credible brand that is authentically showing up in the digital realm over generic marketing. 

How do we create this credibility? With honesty and transparency. 

Consumers are looking for a brand beyond high-quality and good services. They’re also looking for a brand that understands their plight, their lifestyle, and their core values. 

So, how you market your brand’s values within your products and services matters. This honest and truthful marketing is what will attract your target audience and lead to business growth. 

Be engaging, be be engaging 

Let this be your warcry song for navigating the digital platforms of your business. Remaining engaged with followers and clients helps build the trust and credibility needed for loyal customers. 

Who will a potential consumer support? The business that hasn’t responded to their online query in three days or the business who responded promptly and helpfully? The more responsive and helpful a business is on its digital network, the easier it is for a client to have a positive experience and return in the future. 

Respond to followers on Instagram and Facebook posts and stories. Offer support on your website and calls. Respond to feedback – even when it’s negative. And always be helpful and respectful even if you’re having a bad day. 

Engage with and show your support for other brands and social media influencers in the same industry. Share other businesses’ and individuals’ posts on your Instagram stories and LinkedIn feed to be a part of your industry’s community.

Inform, don’t spam 

The pet peeve for most potential clients when signing up for a brand’s newsletter? The insistent emails that land in their inboxes that overshadow all the important emails in between. 

Email communication is an integral part of digital marketing. It’s an online brand’s go-to to share the news about the launch of a new product, an upcoming end-of-season sale, expert tips, or an insider discount as a “thank you” to our loyal customers. 

But be considerate. Don’t spam your online community with daily emails or hundreds of follow-up emails to potential leads. Keep it to one or two emails per week. 

And offer email subscribers the option to personalise their email preferences by consenting to what type of emails they would like to receive when signing up. For instance, do they want sales, product launches, monthly newsletter, etc. emails? 

As the proverb goes, “No news is good news.” Sending fewer emails rather than more adds more value to the emails you send. Loyal customers will look forward to receiving their monthly email with product information, latest news and upcoming sales. Versus unsubscribing because they find 10 emails from the same business in the span of a week. 

Ignite your digital marketing etiquette 

Like the rest of society, we have a specific etiquette that we should follow when it comes to digital marketing. Be sure to remain authentic and consistent within your marketing strategy, engage with your online community (they’re what makes your business successful), and remember: there is such a thing as overselling it so don’t land in their spam folder. Keep it professional and follow the golden rules of digital marketing to get noticed the right way. 

Still, feel like you need some lessons in digital marketing etiquette? Reach out to KlickSense today so we can do it all for you (we’ve got some top-notch marketing manners).