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Black Friday Marketing Ideas and Strategy

Black Friday Marketing Tools

Black Friday is fast approaching, and if you haven’t planned a sale during this notorious marketing showdown to boost sales yet, we’ve got quick tools to get you there in time. 

The KlickSense Way to How to Market For Black Friday

Originally falling on the 24th of November every year – the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, Black Friday is all about limited, big, never-seen-before sales on products and services. 

And customers love it. Sales experience a significant peak in revenue during November and December. With many consumers celebrating Christmas – which comes with purchasing presents for family and friends – and year-end-bonuses, people tend to purchase more products towards the end of the year.

Plus, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are thrown in the mix, too. 

And Black Friday isn’t reserved for one day anymore. Businesses have extended these sales over a few days or a specified period during November around the initial Black Friday date. 

Many of us may avoid the chaos at brick-and-mortar establishments during this period. But online businesses have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Black Friday to move last season’s stock, end the year with a profit bang, or market your business to attract a new, wider audience. 

So, what strategies can your business implement during Black Friday to reap the rewards? KlickSense is here to show you the way.

Have a goal in mind 

To truly take advantage of the buying rush, set clear goals of what you want to achieve for your business. 

Are you looking to attract a wider target audience? 

Do you need to get rid of old stock that’s hanging around collecting dust and not customers? 

Want to boost revenue before the fiscal year ends? 

Think of where your business can grow. And implement an attractive yet realistic and reasonable Black Friday sale. 

Black Friday Marketing Ideas 

Once you have your goal for the sale, it’s time to initiate that marketing strategy! Offer a major discount for end-of-season products that didn’t sell – it’s better to break even rather than not selling the products at all. Attract a wider audience through sharing deals on social media and optimizing your website. 

Market a release of a new product by sharing a 10% discount or a gift on Black Friday to get the word out. Or build a stronger relationship with loyal customers by offering exclusive deals just for them. 

Create a sense of urgency 

“One time only!” “Quick! Get 30% off all online products for the next hour ONLY!” “The clock is ticking… Buy 3 and pay for two for the next 24 hours!” “VIP customers get an extra 10% off this Black Friday!” 

We’ve all seen these email subject lines from our favourite online stores. Because they work. “A sense of urgency” is a tool that marketers use based on psychological factors: A fear of missing out (aka FOMO) or the idea of scarcity. 

As humans, we tend to hold a higher sense of value for things of limited availability or a fear of missing a once-off opportunity. 

Use this tactic through email and social media marketing to attract both loyal and potential customers. 

Pro tip: This marketing strategy idea will only be successful if you have already built credibility and trust in your customers. They will purchase your products and services if they are aware of the quality and value of your offers. 

Social media is your friend

Announce your sale to the world! The new age marketing of our business is our social media accounts. Share countdowns, reminder posts and sneak-peaks of what you will be offering on Black Friday. Post regularly and consistently to create anticipation and excitement for the sale. 

Send those emails! 

Nurture those loyal and potential customers who have already signed up for your newsletter or subscribed to notifications by rolling out an email marketing campaign. 

Create a sense of urgency with email subject lines. Send reminders and special offers to subscribers. Share a countdown of the sale, a reminder email or a link to the online sale for quicker access. 

Keep it short, and share content that creates anticipation and images of the products on offer.

Website optimization 

Optimise your website for consumers searching for Black Friday deals. Many companies – your fellow competitors – are hopping on the Black Friday bandwagon wrestling for a spot on Google’s first page. 

Do some keyword research and use those that consumers are likely to search within the industry of your business. 

Show your loyal customers some love 

Do you know those long-time customers that buy your products often? Send your gratitude with an exclusive or VIP discount as part of your email marketing campaign. 30% sale? Add an extra 10% off for your loyal customers. Or throw in a gift if they make a purchase. 

Final Thoughts 

Black Friday is an opportunity for all businesses to grab. Whether you want to improve your visibility within the market and attract a wider audience, or grow the end-of-year revenue for the business, Black Friday deals are a major success for many. Need some more pro marketing tips? Reach out to KlickSense today for expert advice or let us do all the work for you. 

Does my business have to join the Black Friday sales?

No, every business doesn’t have to have Black Friday deals. However, consumers are aware of Black Friday and will probably search for deals if they want your products or services. 

Is it too late to have a Black Friday sale? 

No, you could use the next two weeks to ferociously market and set up deals for Black Friday.